Would You Invest Six-Minutes Daily For Health & Longevity?

Have you ever noticed that you and I require Immediate Gratification in order
to continue doing daily rituals and practices - for our own best interest?

How long can you stick to a diet before falling off the wagon? How about daily
physical exercise? My number is about 7 days.

Question: how can we have Immediate Gratification if it takes practice and repetition to develop Mastery-Autonomy-Purpose of new skills?

Fact: the smallest new habit requires 21 consecutive days of usage to put it
on Auto-Pilot. If we practice for 18 days in a row and quit because we are
impatient – we go back to Point Zero in making the habit permanent.

This 21-Day Principle is physiological and psychological. Our Killer Nemesis to new skills, learning and long-term memory is Impulsivity. It makes us impatient for Immediate Gratification, lazy (compulsive, rash) and susceptible to instant quitting.

Isometric Exercises For Health And Longevity

These are baby-easy movements that are muscle contractions using tension without
changing muscle length. It is about resistance – pushing against a wall or pushing
your left hand against your right hand – called the Bear Grip.

Isometric is from Greek meaning equal measurement.

Your mind controls impulsivity and the need for I. G. There are two secrets to extend your Attention-Span and long-term concentration: Mental Imagery and Command Affirmations. Details next time.

How to Avoid a Double Chin

If you can stretch you mouth wide, and tighten the muscles on both sides, you can
reduce, eliminate, and prevent a double chin. Try it now; produce a wide smile and SQUEEZE your facial muscles so you feel the tightening under your chin and in your throat area.

Hold the squeeze for a count of one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand and stop at Eight-one-thousand. Now relax your face contractions for 10 seconds.

Start again and do another repetition (rep). Each daily exercise takes 2-3 minutes to complete. A set requires only five reps, and shows improvement in seven (7) days.
Stay with the Avoid Double-Chin exercise for 21 consecutive days and you have created a habit.

Once you have created a habit you can reduce your Double-Chin exercise to just twice a week and still have a youthful face line. You can do it at your desk as your stealth-training program without anyone noticing.

What is a Bear-Claw Exercise?

About 2pm every day at the office, my shoulders get sore and neck becomes tight.
Two-minutes doing the Bear-Claw training program and the shoulder and neck
pain cease-and-desist. Would you settle for that?

Step one: reverse your left hand so the top is facing you and your Palm is away
from you. Now take your right hand and interlock your finders by gripping your
left hand. Your right palm is facing you with your fingers arranged against each

Your goal is to have neither hand dominant, so your left hand is pulling against
your right hand equally. Raise your hands below your chin about 12 inches in front
of you. Now pull to a count of One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand and stop at eight-one-thousand.

Stop for a ten-second rest and start another repetition. A set (complete exercise)
required 5-6 reps. It takes 2-3 minutes of the Bear-Claw training to strengthen
your shoulders and neck muscles for the day. It works for executives and students.

To double the benefit use diaphragmatic breathing which doing the Bear-Grip.
Inhale deeply as you start the Bear-Claw, hold for five-seconds and slowly
exhale. Synchronize the Bear pulling with your breathing. It is baby-easy and
strengthens your stomach muscles simultaneous.

Please Take Notice: Isometric exercises do cause an immediate rise in Blood
Pressure. If you have any health issues please consult your physician before you start this regimen.

Breathe-Stretch-Shake and Let It Go

There is a famous Rapper called Mase who wrote a hit song called Breathe-Stretch-
Shake and Let it Go. We use this concept as a kind of Aerobic (with oxygen) exercise to trigger learning and memory.

It takes 90 seconds to circulate Oxygen and activate Glucose for additional energy in your blood supply.

Did you know that your body has 63 thousand miles of blood vessels? Google it.

First step: stand up straight and look ahead, and take a deep diaphragmatic breath (feel your stomach rise inward) for a count of five. It takes five-second of inhaling, hold the breath for another five-seconds, and exhale for another five-seconds.

Do this rep three times. Takes only one-minute to influence your nervous system.

Second step: stretch out each arm and rotate it widely, moving it as high and low as possible. Feel the movements in your arm muscles. Stop and raise each leg upward toward your stomach and down again. Deep breathe simultaneously. Rotate your
head left and right and feel the result in your neck muscles. It takes one-minute total.

Third step: separately shake your head, shoulders, and arms in a circular movement. Stamp your feet down as you inhale, hold the breath and exhale.
Spend no more than one-minute on shaking.

Fourth step: Let It Go! Move your head in a circular movement and focus your
mind on feeling your body and ignoring any thinking. Your job is to avoid Self-Talk, Internal Dialogue, and Stream of Consciousness. You are shifting dominance
from your left to right hemisphere.

The benefits of Breathe-Stretch-Shake and Let It Go is an increase of up to 10%
in the Oxygen and Glucose supply in your bloodstream. You clear your conscious
mind of self-importance, self-pity and negative feedback fears. How? You let it go
through focusing on the discipline of kinesthetic movements.


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