Today I read a quote, “Mountains are made for movin’ not just sitting there lookin’ pretty! So get out there & get to movin’!”

With that thought you will work your butt off. Seriously! Where is the progress in moving a mountain? Where the heck are we to move that mountain? Remember that life is not about large unrealistic goals ~ which is the norm mindset of successful people.

Life is a journey which is the norm lived by Savvy Success Junkies~ so climb the mountain. Each step along the way is filled with successes, big and small. Look to the top of the mountain knowing full-well that once you get there the view is far more breathtaking and yours to experience. Trust and know that the top is not your ultimate destination but will be damn cool once you get there.

Both of my sisters climbed the famous and remarkable Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. They prepared for their
journey both mentally and physically. They heard about the challenges and marvelous experiences by others. They listened to stories that always included an indescribable spiritual aspect of the trip. Both wanted to experience that part of the trip more than any obstacle in their path. They knew this experience would take them even further in life. And so they climbed it.

My sister Barbara called me from the top. The other sister Tracie bought the t-shirt when she got back to the bottom. Both confirmed a spiritual experience while at the top that compelled them to take a look at what lies ahead and WITHIN.

There is no need to look back to retrace the steps that brought you to the top of the mountain. Those steps were walked by your former self and not the one you’ve become along the way. Instead, while taking in the views, embrace the you at that moment and continue your journey. Leave the mountain for others to follow you. Your next mountain, ocean, meadow or river is before you.

When I asked each sister and many other Half Dome climbers if they would do it again, they reply with a sense of certainty in their various answers. Imagine your life, your journey, with certainty and clarity.

Author's Bio: 

Jake Tuschinski - At age 6 she presented her 1st Amway sales meeting. The thrill of the results and the positive promotion hooked her for success. A small sign was posted to her refrigerator: Can Do! That can-do strapped her to the successes that would eventually challenge her own personal growth. 36 years later she is best known for globally helping dynamic women leaders to channel their success to go beyond the norms of goal-driven achievers. She wrote "Savvy Success Junkie: 12 Habits For Life Done Right" to a secret she can't wait to share.

No stranger to success, she has worked with Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals around the world. Jake is the recipient of various speaking awards in America and Europe. That's right, the world is her oyster and she expects to share what it takes to appreciate your successes while living a meaningful life filled with purpose.