In this article I’m going to reveal skills crucial for Internet marketing success, including what to avoid. Successful Internet marketing isn’t just about the ‘do’s.’ It’s also about the don’ts. I will be discussing both in relation to how to make money online, below.

Unfortunately, the label of guru is given out too fast and furiously. Too often people are bestowed the title after only writing 1 or 2 successful Internet marketing books. Instead of continuing to write high quality books, many gurus, in the interest of making more money, begin to churn out inferior products that either rehash their previous work(s) or that of other Internet marketers. Their focus becomes how to easiest make money online and not on providing anything of value (beyond their initial contributions) to the IM public. Some of them turn into sharks in the online marketing ocean. They settle for the easy home based business model of selling or promoting poor quality e-books or other products.

These “gurus” beautifully package generic material, have their bigwig, Internet marketing buddies push it and make a boatload of money (off the backs of those people who bought into their initial work) further solidifying their status as a “guru.”

Now, I didn’t write the above to bash all gurus. There are some legitimate, Internet marketing gurus and a lot can be learned from them. However, not every “guru” whether bestowed the title or given it by someone else is worth following. It is necessary to be discriminating.

The gurus worthy of your time and attention will have had succeeded in the field of Internet marketing for a reasonable amount of time. They know what works and what does not. Be on the lookout for those willing to offer their help and guidance. These individuals are often more than happy to provide you and others with tips and tactics that can help you get your IM business off the ground or guide you to continued success.

How do you find the right guru?

To build a booming and easy home based business, it is important to find good and trustful mentors in IM, just don’t expect the so-called gurus to be it. There are sincere individuals out there who have a strong desire to help others. Seek these people out. The best mentors will offer you (and others) a significant amount of free advice, often in the form of useful blog posts, free special reports and video tutorials.

A great place to look for gurus and/or mentors is Internet marketing forums. The Warrior Forum and Million Dollar Network are excellent ones. Be on the lookout for people who consistently make quality contributions to the forum.
Once you find someone who captures your interest, learn as much as you can about them. Google his or her name and search for their blog(s), website(s), YouTube Channel, articles, podcasts, etc.

Whether you are looking to start an easy home based business that allows you to make extra income at home or have hopes of becoming filthy rich, it is important to find a good mentor, even if he or she is only one from afar (there is no actual contact). Doing so can put you in a position to do more than simply make money online. You could end up making a living.

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In the next piece I will discuss the importance of having adequate funds to start with.

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