Have you ever wondered that, if all the energy around us and the energies of our thoughts, feelings, and words create our reality and are the energy system of our body, our chakra, our energy field what role does it play in conscious creation?

If communication and creation begin at an energetic level, how do our energy centers with negative impressions influence manifestation, the formation of our life?

Can you imagine the secret of your energy system?
What kind of imprints do you have?
What do you think, can, for example, the problem of sacral chakra (eg infertility) be related to the third step of the Law of Attraction?

How does our energy system support conscious creation?
How do cleaning our chakras and liberating energy currents affect the manifestation and how do they heal illnesses, relationships, and financial problems?

The Chakras

The chakras form a continuous chain in the line of our spine.
They interact with each other, affect each other, and every inner soul voice.
The operation and harmony of the chakras, or when balance among them is lost influences all that which is manifested in the outer world.
What's inside is outside. These energy centers are responsible for our physical and mental health.
Chakras, as energy centers, generate and store energy and information. Everything that happens to us, our thoughts, others’ thoughts, our and others’ experiences appear as impressions in our chakras and the electromagnetic field around us.
When I asked Archangel Raziel about the stored pattern, he said that all patterns that have ever affected us indirectly or directly in our energy centers and all that can be found in our energy field (chakra and aura) have an impact on life.
When we change a thought, the energy and quality of the chakras change.
When we switch from one emotion to another, our vibrations change, thus, of course, there is a change in the chakras, which translates into the outer world as visible energetic changes.
When chakras run below their capacity due to being contaminated with negative imprints, it has a debilitating effect on the body, creates an imbalance in health, and weakens the conscious use of manifesting energy.
The energy field is the energetic subconscious of our body.
Are our beliefs and patterns leaving energetic impressions on our bodies?
Can our obsolete beliefs and patterns be perceived on the energetic level?
Samples dissolved in the energy system, and the practice of dissolving negative imprints can liberate us from suffering and obstacles caused by the negative belief system. It can also bring deeper spiritual understanding and self-knowledge.

Imagine a smart flow between energy centers.
The continuous flow of communication does not just happen between two chakras but among all the cells of our body.
Thanks to this continuously flowing energy we are fit, happy, healthy, HEARTY, and this harmoniously functioning energy flow helps our growth and creation of wellbeing through the conscious use of manifestation energy.

What happens when a chakra becomes dirty?

An element which changes the intensity and frequency of the current is added to the system.
For example, there is a situation whereby we lose our inner balance.
This element, this small dust stream travels from one center to the other along the current, thus communication between the chakras changes. If we do not consciously awaken to this change and do not switch to another frequency, the "dust" will stay permanently in the energy system and may grow or deeply embed itself, preventing conscious creation.

Let's see what is the result of deeper embedding of the negative imprint.

Negative situations bring "dust" into the chakra communication system, energy is slower, and its quality is different. Each of the emerging negative situations gets deeper and deeper until the continuity of the current is broken and energy communication flows through a smaller gap.
Observe the electric current. When the wire is flawless, the electricity flows continuously. But if the cable is broken somewhere, the electricity is disconnected.
This fault in the flow of energy impairs conscious manifestation.
Corruption of the communication stream exudes the energy of lower frequency into the universe, and according to the Law of Attraction, the universe responds to this communication.
This is why negative destructive situations come up again and again in our lives.
Information stored in energy centers affects other information by cause and effect. You can lift the other chakras, thus the quality of the radiated energy, but it can be extremely weakened by it.

When the frequency is high and nourishing, we feel able to influence our lives and do anything we can to create whatever we want. When we change to a lower frequency, it can easily attract the victim's role, as this frequency can only create similar situations through the radiated energy quality.
But knowing all this I have great news. We can change the situation.

We can unlock the blocks and reactivate continuous nutritious communication in our energy system. This reactivation will be a release not only on the energetic level, but it will also be free from negative impressions, and we will be also able to cure physical symptoms of diseases.
We will become able to consciously change DNA patterns.
Can you imagine what this means?

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