“Would you Check-Out a Free! Business Opportunity?”
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• 2. “Conventional-Wisdom says, ‘If it’s too good to be true…’ We’re asking you to “click” it, not give away your damned wallet and creditcards. Still No? ‘The American ‘dream’ just suffered a stroke.’

• 3. “What the Catch?”

• 4. “We set aside four (4) free Biz Ops on the East Coast, but nobody wants to play.”

• 5. “We know your Mother said, “Never talk to strangers”, but just Click-And-Read our website. Maybe you might learn something valuable. Maybe not.

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We are asking you to “Tap-in, Turn-on-&-Tune-In!” to an opportunity for wealth building.”

• 7. “Who the Hell are we?”

• 8. “SpeedReading101” in the education industry for 12-years. Read our new book on Amazon & Kindle:

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How YOU can read-and-remember 300-pages daily, like
JFK, LBJ, Nixon & Carter.”

• 9. “Would you Click www.speedreading101.org? Take the risk, you’re a big Boy or Girl, Mom’s not running your life. See if what you learn - arouses your curiosity.”

• 10. “If you take the first Big-Step, you might even call Gene, [877-567-2500]. Ask him if your free territory is still available or closed-out. The worst, you be disappointed.”

• 11. Now you ‘gotta’ know WHY we are giving away four (4) free Biz Ops that sell for $75K each, right?” No, it’s not that TV show where the boss fools his employees.”

• 12. “Yes, there is something in it for us. See, ‘Capitalism’ says, “nobody moves his/her ass without a Reward.”
Communism died a horrible death. The only one left is North Korea, and they cannot feed their own people.”

• 13. “We are looking for maybe four (4) new owners to allow them to create a money-making business using
“Sweat-Equity”. No investment to us, just work your ass off to develop your free territory. No good? Next case!”

• 14. “We’ll train you and your team Free, and reveal our marketing secrets to financial success. Our market is international and huge. What’s in it for us?”

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• “Now you know ‘why?’ Wanna play?”

Call Gene, 877-567-2500. I’m betting you’re a ‘Capitalist’.

Copyright © 2013, SpeedReading101

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, educational director of www.speedreading101.org Evelyn Wood was my partner, and
graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs of four
U.S. Presidents. We start teaching SpeedReading101 to first-
graders, up to high school, college and grad-school.

Our graduates permanently triple their reading speed in print & Online, and double their long-term memory. We teach our one-day-workshop, SpeedReading101 at Columbia University NYC.