We women spend so much times trying to perfect the best anniversary gift for men. We read blogs, magazines and listen to friends for good anniversary gift ideas for men. Sometimes we use our own intuition to buy the gifts we think they like, they want or sometimes they need. But is that what the idea of gift is really about, buying them something they need? The gifts that you ultimately give them should make them happy and motivate them to use the gift. The gift should not make them feel doomed.

The worst anniversary gift ideas for men have been listed below. Maybe it is time to put a stop to listening to others and giving your man gifts that he will really love. The anniversary gift for men that they will appreciate is if it is inexpensive, as they learn from your gift to reciprocate. And if it is too expensive they are a little uneasy. And something that you took the time to make, it shows that you care about them.

Let the man be

The winner of the worst gift idea for men is to give them exercise equipment. He may be a fitness freak or maybe he hates to work out. Whatever the reason, the exercise equipment will not make an impression on them. The word exercise is programmed in our minds to associate with weight loss. By giving them an exercise machine, you will offend them into thinking that you are hinting that they should lose some weight. If they are insensitive about their body you will hurt them with this gift. Maybe your guy loves to build and fix things around the house. So you want to surprise him by buying him work tools. Well it may work sometimes, but most times they want to buy their own work tools, they don’t want someone else messing with it.

Men are sensitive about their looks and body too. So buying them those form fitting clothes that you thought will look great on them is doubtful. Most cases they don’t want to be wearing form fitting clothes and be uncomfortable. Maybe you see a beautiful art work by a very famous artist and bought it for your man. Unless he appreciates art and has a genuine passion for it, there are high chances that the art work will not be appreciated and maybe thrown about. You may have given him a framed photo of yourself once, but don’t make a habit of it. There is no earthly reason why your husband, fiancé or boyfriend will want that many framed photos of you. You definitely need to stay away from cheap perfumes. Men are very particular when it comes to smell and you don’t want to spoil it.

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Jerome Julian writes about the best anniversary gifts for men, birthday gifts for men etc based on his passion towards the partying, enjoying and celebrating the important days of life.