Sometimes in life we face challenges. While some days go by with great ease, others are a bit of a struggle. We can say don’t stress over the small things, and some occasions that is easier said than done. We spend countless hours of our life worrying about things that we have no control over. We might get upset with what others say or do but we really have no control over any of it. If you get upset over bills or not having a job, you can only do what you have the means to do. If you have done all that you can, you should be at ease with that knowledge.

A mountain out of a mole hill is a term that I like to use. It simply means that something can be so small but if you are really stressed about it, it becomes a huge issue. Worrying takes up so much of our time and energy and it does us absolutely no good. You have to learn to tune out the non-important things in life. You have to tune out non-important issues. You have to tune out all the negatives that will turn that mole hill into a mountain. Worrying about things does not give you an answer any faster. Worrying will not change anything, it will cost you countless hours of heartache and this is no good for your health.

Simply trust in who you are and in your abilities. Be content with who you are. Don’t be concerned with any negative outside sources (people, places, or things) that do not move you in a positive place. You need not worry about a test result, something someone said, or a place someone else thinks you should be. You are in this moment, and this moment will never happen again! Don’t take away this moment by worrying about something that you absolutely have no control over. Bring yourself to a higher level of thinking by not focusing on what could or could not be. It will happen the way it will, be prepared, but don’t overindulge in countless hours and days of worrying. Don’t let the things that you have no control over get you upset, focus on the positive.

Some of the things that might help are exercising, meditation, reading, shopping, talking to a friend, or watching a movie. When you are worrying about something it is hard to focus on anything else, but you can do it. You have to put forth the effort.

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