What are Melanocytic nevi?

Moles are not at all problematic, when they are small in nature. They tend to be problematic if they are large, or tend to grow. Moles don't bother if they are small. If color and shape of moles is changing drastically, then there is a cause of concern, not otherwise. Further, they do not need make-up to hide them. Moles can be spotted on any part of the body and not just on the face.

Where to find information about moles?

There are many blogs written about getting rid of facial moles. You may come across them if you are searching on the internet. They discuss and make you aware about numerous painless procedures, you can try at your home without pinching your pocket. There are certain blogs which explain why surgical procedures are required for moles to be gone.

Why do moles grow?

When Melanocytic cells begin to grow together, instead of being spread throughout the skin, moles grow. There are many causes for moles. UV rays from the sun are not considered to be good. They not only cause skin to age but also create problem of moles. Parents are likely to pass on to their children this problem, as this is hereditary. Among others, these two are main contributors for moles. However there are others, too. For example, pregnant women tend to develop these more and more. Teenagers develop it in their puberty.

Are there any ways to prevent moles?

Prevention is better than cure, for sure. That is the reason why, one should always make sure that proper care is taken so that they are not growing on the skin.

1. Protection from UV rays of the sun:

The first thing to do is to protect you from harmful rays of sun. It is not possible to stay away from sunlight as one has to go out every day to do the work. Hence, it is very good to apply sun cream before you go out. The cream selected should not be harmful for your skin.

2. Taking off extra weight:

Obesity causes so many diseases including diabetes, menstrual disorder, infertility etc. It also causes social awkwardness. It also causes moles on the skin. The best thing to do is to exercise. Rather than doing heavy workouts, you may start off with simple ones. For a start, you may walk 30-45 minutes a day. Due to this, you would not add more pounds, however you can not see drastic change in your weight. Walking is considered to be best for people of all age groups. Further, it is not expensive. When you increase your exercise, you can see your extra kilos gone. What you should never forget is you should not do it too much. Exercise and exhaustion differ in meaning.

Instead of bringing food from outside, cook yourself. Enjoy bowling in a bowling alley. Stairs should be used instead of elevator. This will help you in burning calories. It is proved that swimming for 10-12 minutes does help in burning 100 calories. Simply go out there on the beach with a bunch of friend of yours and play Frisbee, this will build agility. Dance will make you express yourself in a different way. Further it will allow you to burn some calories.

3. Body massage on regular basis.:

Regular massage does have a wonderful effect on toning your skin. But do you know that this will also help you in preventing moles? It has the effect of preventing moles.

Finally, I hope that this article helps you to do everything you can to prevent moles.

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