A lot of complexities are involved in worldwide shipping. However, you can simplify the process firstly by forearming yourself with the right kind of information about the country where you need to ship your goods and second, by choosing an efficient and reliable worldwide moving company. Read on below for details regarding shipping to Spain from USA and shipping to England from USA.

Shipping to England and Spain from USA

Before you ship your goods to England or Spain, make sure that you talk to the worldwide moving company about the rules and regulations involved. In Europe, rules are set by the European Union but England has its own set of rules which are formed by the national government. Rules are also formulated by World Customs Organization. When you get to know about these rules, it becomes much easier because you can leave out goods which are prohibited by law of the destination country and arrange to pay taxes and custom duties so that you do not face any kind of a problem. You are also required to attach certain important documents such as import and export licenses, commercial invoice of any product that is valued at $2000 or above, pro forma invoice, packing list and certificate of origin. Any reliable worldwide moving company will readily give you these details.

Choose a company that offers custom brokerage service

For heightened convenience of customers and because of the complexities involved in custom regulations, several international moving companies provide a facility known as customs brokerage. This is a comprehensive facility which simplifies the task of the shipper since the worldwide shipping company takes over the responsibility of getting the goods through customers. The activities involved are submission of required documents, calculating excise duties and taxes and undertaking all required communication with respective government authorities on behalf of the client.

Custom brokerage in United States

When you need shipping to Spain from USA or to any other country in the world, you can take the help of custom brokers in the country. A worldwide shipping company has to be licensed by US Customs and Border Protection body in order to be eligible to provide the service. Documents need to be submitted and clearance has to be obtained from Food and Drug Administration, Fish and Wildlife Service and United States Department of Agriculture in order to ascertain that no toxic or banned goods are being exported from the country. It is also important for a worldwide moving company to keep up to date with tariffs and Code of Federal Regulations Title 19 so that no untoward seizure of merchandize takes place at either the origin port or the destination port.

Besides offering the facility of customs brokerage, a worldwide shipping company needs to be aware of the best port in which to dock goods in case the destination country has multiple ports so that overall cost of shipping is reduced for the client. Local delivery service is also usually arranged by a worldwide shipping company when shipping to England from USA or when shipping to Spain from USA.

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