The New Office Space Ecosystem

Elegant workstations, lounges, comfortable chairs, well-cushioned sofas, bean bags and much more teamed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, amenities and facilities are what define today’s workspaces in metros and big cities across the world.

Traditional workplaces are making way for modern day office spaces that are nothing short of a star hotel. Enter the era of co-working spaces, shared office spaces and virtual offices that ensure flexible, effective, conducive setting. And these are provided and managed deftly by office space service providers who operate the entire set-up.

With number of start-ups on the rise, traditional lease office spaces may not be viable formany. Here is where flexible offices come to the picture whether one wants it on long term basis or short term and as per the budget. With already set up wide range of facilities, high speed internet, utilities ready for you to move in, modern day workspaces eliminate the complexities of the traditional leases by making things simpler.

Traditional lease spaces are passe and not feasible for many but with so many options at your fingertips you can now rest assured that no time and energy would be spent in finding the right kind of office suitable for the pocket. It also reduces the hassles of finding the right location, getting the interiors done with all the furniture, fixtures, furnishings. One can expect a dedicated receptionist, administrative personnel, IT infrastructure and telecommunication services, conference rooms, meeting halls, banquet halls, full-time security and much more without having to look over the intricate details personally. All you have to do is just walk in and start working.

Co-working spaces, shared office spaces are preferred by many businesses today as it renders flexible approach to work and maximises productivity in elegant world class spaces. Coworking spaces took shape around a decade ago. Fully furnished, well- equipped office spaces are rented out by operators to clients and theseflexible offices are generally found in metros and big cities. It will not be long before thesmaller cities and towns followed suit.

The concept took off in 1960s in the United States and gradually spread across the world beginning from Australia and United Kingdom.Technological advancements further increased the demand for such offices where working together and shared premises became a norm and convenient for all. The advantage also includes asking for additional space in a short notice to the operator in case of business expansion.

Many companies are preferring eco-friendly offices with proper cross ventilation of natural air, natural light and green spaces in the offices with natural plants to boost employees and increase efficiency. A healthy workspace has healthy employees and that increases the productivity as well. And office spaces service providers are leaving no stone unturned in catering to the needs of the time. These service providers build relationships with realtors and develop the space for companies looking out for readymade offices.

So rather than investing in fixed assets this modern way of commercial space works well for many. The service providers will provide you with all the amenities and infrastructure you need, maintenance etc. They manage everything related to the property. This makes it easy for the companies to focus on their operations and growth while the service providers take care of the rest.

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