As per Encyclopedia Britannica a report given by United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO in 1980 says 172.582 billion dollars the world over are blown up in designing war based technology and weapons. This forms 7.25% of the world’s total income. Further every year 119 million dollar are used for education. This is 5% of the world’s income. For health 5.83 billion dollars are used and is 2.5% of the world’s income.

In 1970 different nations used the following amount of cash for their soldiers and building war based technology, weapons: USA 7.34 million dollars, Russia 3.977 million dollars, West Germany 6.111 million dollars, France 5.87 million dollars, Britain 5.712 million dollars, Italy 2.416 million dollars, Poland 2.22 million dollars, East Germany 1.99 million dollars, Canada 1.741 million dollars, Czechoslovakia 1.635 million dollars, India 1.467 million dollars, Australia 1.27 million dollars (in 1979), Arab countries 1.272 million dollars, Sweden 1.129 million dollars and Israel 1.75 million dollars. This statistics are those of leading world nations. Figures of other nations were not available. According to latest figures of 1971 in the name of national security expenses amounted to 172.582 billion dollars.

Quite a few decades back a Western philosopher called Gibbon had said that man need not fear nature’s wrath or ferocious beasts. In fact man will perforce have to fear his own kin i.e. mankind. His suspicion doubtlessly is not unfounded or baseless. Increasing expenditure in the name of national security and horrifying weapon designing proves that very speedily the bond of brotherhood between man-man is fast dissipating. Day in and day out man is turning violent and beastly. Creation and hoarding of weapons is spreading cold war amongst various countries. Thus there is a high probability of a fearsome 3rd world war.

As a result of past 2 world wars man has lost a lot but gained nothing. The statistics of wars fought in the 20th century and number of deaths is: in 1904-05 in the war between Russia and Japan 0.12 million people died. In the civil war of Spain in 1932-39 about .4 million soldiers and .2 million lay public died.

In the Korean War between the years 1950-53, about .59 million soldiers and .4 million public died. In the 2nd world war of 1939-45 about .17 billion soldiers and .35 million civilians died. In the Vietnam War of 1962-75 4 million soldiers and other public died.

The more mankind progressed materially wars too have advanced manifold. Besides this many smaller wars have been fought. In the past 7 decades the number of wars fought is thus: 9 wars between 1989-1907, 15 wars between 1908-15, 11 wars between 1918-27, 8 wars between 1928-37, 12 wars between 1938-47, 28 wars between 1948-50, 45 wars between 1958-67 and figures after 1967 are not available. But on an average more than 70 wars have been fought.

In wars not only human and other creatures die but that a lot of money is wasted. On an average the expenses involved to kill every person is alarmingly on the rise. Two thousand years back it took only half a dollar or 4 rupees to kill 1 person in a war. In Napoleon’s times this expense rose to 3000 dollars. In the 1st world war it took 21000 dollars to kill 1 person. In the 2nd world war it took .2 million dollars to kill. On an average in the 2nd world war the total expenses were more than 25 billion dollars.

This then is the history to date of human power and financial power blown up in various wars. This is a punishing lesson for a deep thinker. Today’s times are very horrific. In previous days a lot of technology and machinery advanced further. Previously there were no weapons of mass destruction as nuclear bombs. Now if any war takes place man will fail in sustaining his very existence. It will take merely few minutes for total world annihilation.

By delving deep into world history we find that by self efforts many attained power but only those who used it wholesomely managed to uplift society, nation and entire world humanity. They executed creative tasks. Power gathered for apt usage was made use of worshipping it fully. Indian culture used this energy via Ram, Krishna, Buddha etc. No doubt demons like Ravan, Kansa, Hiranyakashipu too amassed this energy but since they misused it in tasks like violence, oppression of people etc they were censured and looked down upon. All know how power was misused by Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander, Mussolini etc in acts of harassing innocent victims.

Their heinous crimes will always be remembered by world history. When human ghosts destroyed world society it is great world visionaries who came to the rescue for neo creation of the world. Joy and peace now oozed forth everywhere. The scalp of human society will always bow down to great acts of benevolence. Like clear light rays their sense of self sacrifice, renunciation etc will always inspire human civilization.

In comparison to bodily strength and intellect wealth is no less important. Creative tasks that augment world joy and peace require wealth. In the past years man has misused immense wealth in comparison to its apt use. Instead of ne creation wealth was misused for destruction. As a result those means that could be used for ushering peace and prosperity was mainly used to destroy the world. A few years back a report by leading analysts of West Romania says that so much wealth was misused to build destruction oriented technology. As per their research findings in one minute expenses varied between 1 million to 80000 dollars to design weapons. With this cash 5000 tons of milk could have been procured. Due to lack of bread for thousands of people and innumerous children crying for milk bodily weakness sets in. If only wealth misused to build war technology is used to distribute food, milk etc thousands can be aptly nourished.

Thus if this onrush of using so much wealth for building arms minute wise is obstructed then what is saved income arrangements for 100 families can be made and small houses can be constructed so that the poor can dwell in them. An ordinary rifle costs 2100 rupees. With it a modern plough can be bought. A machine gun costs 12000 rupees with which a well designed tractor can be bought. To build 1 war plane .72 billion rupees are used. With it 16 hospitals can be constructed which has advanced medical technology of therapy and cure. Thus thousands of people can be liberated from dire diseases. It takes billions of rupees to build a submarine and thus with this money instead we can construct 10000 schools to educate the illiterate masses.

In the entire world within 1 minute 8 million rupees are spent in designing destructive weapons. In 1 day around 11 billion rupees are used to build war machines and in 1 month 34 billion rupees are used up. As per this statistics in 1 year 414 billion rupees will be used. These statistics send shivers down our spine. With this wealth instead many programs at the world level can be designed to usher in peace and all round prosperity. Thousands of small scale industries, factories etc can be set up. Billions of people will get jobs as a result. Lack, grief, agitation etc has spread in the entire world. If in order to overcome this wealth is used then in a few years agony of the world will disappear.

These expenses talked of so far are limited to wars. In comparison to this smoking cigarettes, drugs etc is no less harmful. So much wealth is blown up to produce these. Within merely India billions of rupees are misused to produce only tobacco. On an average 1.5 billion people smoke cigarettes etc in India and thus the nation bears loss of about 75 billion rupees annually. In fact to produce alcohol much more cash is misused. If expenses of alcohol are equivalent to that of cigarettes etc. the expenses of the former amount to 14.4 billion rupees.

Man’s dangerous attraction for visible and invisible dire objects is sending him rushing towards a downfall. Steps that take us forward say that man has strayed so far away from great creative activities. If only wastage of money is shunned and are instead channelized into alleviating world humanity’s sorrow, poverty etc then it will be great for the entire world. Destruction will be overcome.

In this world population of about 15 billion people the annual income is less than 500 rupees. Half the public that lives on a monthly income of 40 rupees is such that their life is almost extinguished. Very rarely they fill their tummies with food or have enough clothing to cover their frail bodies. Majority of the poor people sleep at night with half empty tummies. With tattered clothes they barely cover their bodies.

Cannot anything be done to alleviate world poverty? Is the world public incapable of doing so? Visionaries of the world opine that if Russia and USA that proclaim progress and authority together contribute in this direction a lot can be attained. If the wasteful expenses of these 2 giant countries are used to uplift the poverty stricken of the world, the income of the latter can easily double in a short time span. Instead of 500 their income will jump to 1000 rupees per month. By overcoming poverty the ordinary layman can easily procure his basic daily needs of life.

If in the 2nd year too this wealth is used wholesomely then for about 2 billion people small houses can be constructed. Such people today are living like jungle like animals. If a program is designed at the world level to use money in the 1st year to build homes, cottage industries in the 2nd year, education in the 3rd year, health in the 4th year and electricity, dams, transport etc in the 5th year, in the very 1st 5 year program the fate of at least half the world population will change positively. All this can be attained merely by Russia and America. If other nations of the world follow suit in this direction know for sure that backwardness prevalent in the world will dissipate. Nowhere will there be witnessed sorrow and grief. Everywhere peace and prosperity will rule the roost.

Everyone is aware of the results of rising destruction. Despite this the supreme creature of this world viz. mankind is marching ahead with destructive tasks. Nations the world over are competing to construct mass destruction weapon technology. So called great thinkers of the world are known to label a country ‘progressive’, if the latter possesses the intellect to produce greater number of destructive weapons. If mankind who is wallowing in the quagmire of bankruptcy proves a country’s progress on the basis of its capability to build more mass destroying warfare technology then we must say that in comparison to modern man of the computer age, backward man of the stone age was more ‘progressive’. Those beasts and creatures that are more violent and ferocious will have to be called progressive as per this maxim.

If the basis of measurement is as above all definitions will change radically. The basis of human culture and civilization will go beyond all limits. If progress is demarcated as above then ancient beliefs of welfare will change. Instead of Lord Ram demon Ravan will be worshiped. Hitler, Napoleon etc will be revered and eulogized everywhere. Our hearts shiver at the mere thought of such agonies.

It is most required that we understand the deep import of constructive and creative endeavors. If wealth misused for mass destruction is instead channeled to alleviate poverty, diseases etc rampantly spreading in the world know for sure human glory and greatness will dwell in it.

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