Quite some time back the western philosopher Gibbon had said that mankind instead of fearing attacks of natural calamities and violent beasts of the jungle must actually fear his own human fraternity. This suspicion of Gibbon certainly is not without a cause. Rising amount of expenditure in the name of security and production of newer arms on a regular basis tells us how speedily a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood amongst world humans is dissipating. Day by day man is becoming more violent. World tensions are on the rise at an alarming pace due to production and hoarding of mass destructive weapons and the suspicion of a 3rd world rolling in is becoming more potent.

In past wars that have been fought what has the human race lost or achieved? On measuring all this it is clear mankind has lost a lot and attained very miniscule. The statistics of wars waged in the 20th century and number of people killed therein are as follows. In the year 1904-5 in the war between Russia and Japan 130,000 people were killed. In the years 1912-13 in the Balkan War 200,000 people died. In the Civil War in Spain (1932-39) 431,000 soldiers and 225,000 civilians died. In the Korean War in 1950-53 581,823 soldiers and 400,000 civilians died. Between the years (1914-18) in the 1st world war 4,418,000 soldiers and 1,300,000 civilians died. Between the years 1962-75 in the Vietnam War the total number of people who died was 4,000,000.

The more humanity has progressed materially the more wars also he has fought in tandem. The above statistics are of bigger wars waged. Apart from these smaller ones too were fought. In the past 7 decades the number of wars fought is thus. From the years 1898-1907, 9 wars were fought; from 1908-1917, 15 wars; 19-18-1927, 11 wars; from 1928-37, 8 wars; from 1938-47, 12 wars; from 1948-57, 28 wars; 1958-67, 45 wars. Proper statistics after the year 1967 are not available yet its number of wars would be more than 70.

These then are figures of the history of how much human and wealth power has been lost due to wars which is enough to teach a lesson to so called thinking class of the world. In fact situations of contemporary times are more fearful. In the past not a lot of advancement was seen as far as scientific technology was concerned. They in those days did not possess destructive atomic bombs. If today wars were fought we doubt whether mankind can sustain its very existence. It takes only a few minutes to pound to pulp the entire human civilization.

We perforce must learn a lesson and take due inspiration from experiences of past dire world situations. Thos world nations that are wealthy and powerful must ask themselves whether by imbibing energy hoarding and ideology of attacking other countries they can sustain their nation’s security permanently. In fact in this Nuclear Age this is well nigh impossible. The human race standing on a road that has 2 directions viz. life and death must think at the world level and take apt decisions in accordance. There are 2 roads. One leading to total destruction and if mankind insists on walking on it know for sure that the entire human race shall end. The 2nd road is of neo creation. Walking on this path ensures that joyous situations in heaven shall materialize on planet earth. This decision lies in the hands of great world thinkers as to what they choose. By imbibing the ideology of world well being they must contribute towards neo creation of world situations or else by insisting on destroying the world the human race too shall become extinct. Under contemporary circumstances we shall have to think at the world or global level. No solution shall be forthcoming if we think only about paltry selfish gains.

The 1st step required in this direction is obstructing the increased zest for producing mass destruction arms/weapons and then use all this wealth and resources for creative tasks the world over. As per a report published by the Romanian Government 2000 tons of wheat can be bought from the amount of cash used for producing weapons each minute in the entire world. If for 10 minutes factories producing arms in the entire world are shut down then from the wealth saved a modern super specialty hospital with advanced medical equipment can be built. From the amount spent in producing an F-14 war plane 9 new schools can be opened. From the amount of one aircraft used in wars a hydroelectric power station can be constructed. From the cash of 1 Leopard Tank 50 flats can be built. From the amount of money used in training programs for Tank Wars 78 preprimary schools and from the amount of 1 war submarine ship 16,000,000 children can be given education. From the amount of money for 1 missile 2 hospitals can be opened.

The 2nd step which needs to be taken is to reinstate human values and ethics the world over. At all costs man’s biggest wealth is his inner sensitive sentiments which in comparison to material wealth benefits must be given infinitely more importance. In comparison to national, communal and religious sect welfare, only by giving supreme importance/honor to human ideals and values, international tensions and difference of opinion can end once and for all.

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