The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics reveals that more than 35.7% of American adults are obese. The issue of obesity within America creates other problems for many people that include health related problems, higher medical costs, lower self-esteem and social problems. Some people might not necessarily be overweight or obese and they just might need to loose some extra fat from around their midsection. Many medical and health organizations such as the national Library of Medicine support the fact that people can flatten their stomach by making lifestyle changes which promotes healthy eating, exercises and watching their calorie intake.

Most medial experts do agree that people should be happy with their personal appearance. However, there are some things that they can do to improve their tummy area. People with extended bellies might wonder about getting thinner waist because a flatter belly will usually give a person a slimmer look. There are practical and realistic ways for people to trim their waistline and get a nice looking shape.

The Mayo Clinic, the United States Department of Agriculture , various nutritionist organizations as website claim that a healthy diet is the basis of any weight loss program. In order for a person to get the best results from a flat stomach diet, they must eat certain foods which will assist them with achieving this goal. Food such as vegetables and fruits are highly recommended for helping a person to flatten the tummy. These foods have fewer calories than many processed foods which are normal part of the American diet. Excessive calories are the biggest hindrance to people obtaining a flatter stomach.

Other foods such as grains, fish, beans and seeds are also suggested for keeping off weight in a person’s abdominal area. A diet rich in lean proteins (fish, chicken and turkey) is also highly recommended because the body takes more calories to burn off proteins. People who are serious about flattening their belly should reduce or eliminate processed of fast foods out of their daily consumption. Drinking water over pop, sugary fruit based drinks and alcohol is also necessary for keeping calories under control.

Various studies have proven that people can slim their stomach down to a desired size just by eating the right types of foods but they might not necessarily make them flat. Sooner or later people are going to have to exercise to get a sleek midsection. There are many abdominal workout routines that people can use for this purpose. Some of the best and most practical exercises for eliminating fat off of the stomach area include various cardiovascular routines and different abdominal workouts.

People should keep in mind that when they want to achieve a flattened stomach they must lose weight all over their bodies and not just one area. The reason for this is that the stomach area can sometimes be a difficult part of the body to slim down. If a person loses weight from different areas of their body their stomach will be affected as well. This is why cardiovascular workouts are necessary for people trying to obtain a flat stomach. The extra calories that are being burned during a cardio routine can help people to flatten the desired belly.

Christopher Newport University sports fitness and medical researchers have developed a series of abdominal exercises such as knee to elbow pulls, different forms of crunches, lateral twists, roll backs, medical ball routines for the purpose of getting people to lose weight around the waistline. They even infuse some pilates maneuvers into with these workouts. These flat stomach exercises will help people to reach their goal for a slimmer figure.

Here is a summarized list of the practical steps that people can take in order to slim down the stomach and make them flat as possible:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which should be considered as flat stomach foods. New dietary guidelines established by the USDA claims that fruits and vegetables should account for nearly 50% of the food that is consumed within a meal.
  • Reduce processed or fast foods. Foods high in fat should also be avoided as well. Foods that fall in these categories will make it difficult for people to achieve their weight loss goals since they add more calories which lead to more weight.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water naturally burns more calories and it doesn’t add fat to a person’s body. Avoid sodas, fruit juices and other sugary drinks unless consumed in small amounts.
  • Perform various cardio exercises to take weight off of the entire body. This will eventually help you to flatten your belly.
  • Use abdominal exercises to complete the stomach flattening process. Abdominal exercises will help you to sculpt and focus on maximizing their efforts.

Most people should not have unrealistic expectations about obtaining a flat stomach. All bodies are designed in the same way but they do not work in the same manner. This means that it will be easier for some people than others to obtain nice stomach. Most people are not being realistic if they expect to see a flat stomach in 2 weeks. Yes, some people are able to take only 5 days to a flatter stomach. Though this is possible under certain conditions a more realistic time frame that a persona should begin to see a flat stomach is within two to six months.

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