In the world of “public health emergency of international concern” COVID19, Health experts are scrambling to understand the new ways to fight the spread. It has now become a matter of concern and is creating havoc and panic all across the world.

Face masks? Sanitizer? Gloves? Public health experts are grasping for ways to cope with an outbreak of the virus and the precautions one should take. Experts advise to stay calm and follow the precautions suggested for curbing flu. Here’s what you can do to strengthen your immunity and take necessary precautions.

But first, stop panicking and stick to the basics: wash your hands, wear a face mask, and stay home if you’re sick.

Yoga Bar Muesli with Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds

Add more nutrition to your plate. It is a glorious blend of rolled and toasted whole-grain flakes with raisins, apricots, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. Kickstart your day with a bowl of this, and you’re good to take on the day with 4 g of fiber per serve and classic tasting muesli to manage your weight goals.

Vahdam Teas Organic Himalayan Green Tea

Sip on a relaxed mind and robust immunity with this garden-fresh long leaf Himalayan green tea. It is packed with the right dose of antioxidants, hydrates the body, and effectively beats seasonal illness. This brew can also be enjoyed to detox your body.

House Of Beauty Breath Easy, Under Mask Spray

It is a holy grail of a product in the era of face masks. Certainly, wearing face masks for a prolonged time makes us feel suffocated. However, we cannot think of a life without them. This natural spray is formulated using essential oil blends, which make breathing safe and fresh while strengthening immunity. All you gotta do is spray 1-2 pumps on the inside of your mask, and you’re good to go!

Votre Hand Sanitizer

We cannot think of a life without a sanitizer to maintain hygiene around us. It is a natural and chemical-free herbal disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus. This can also be used to disinfect the toilet seat and surroundings.

Earth Rhythm Green Tea Water, Healing Toner for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Maskne is another annoying byproduct of wearing a face mask. But no more! This 100% organic face mist will instantly hydrate the skin and kill all the bacteria causing acne. Just spritz onto your cleansed face before you indulge yourself in the skincare regime. It will also help in better absorption of skincare products.

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