If you have sustained any direct impact or blow to the head there is a high risk that you may suffer traumatic brain injury. In addition to that any indirect force can cause the brain to be forcibly pressed against the inside of your skull causing traumatic brain injury. This article will discuss traumatic brain injury that can be sustained in the workplace.

The most common forms of employment where traumatic brain injury occur in construction and truck driving. When it comes to construction it is easy to slip and fall on your head as a result of uneven floor surfaces, poorly lit stairwells or unmarked openings. Such hazards associated with the construction injury have a direct impact on increasing your chances of a head injury. However, less frequent occurrences happen as a result of defective equipment.

In truck driving, vehicle accidents are responsible for most traumatic brain injuries. Other common work-related traumatic brain injuries occur in professional contact sports, especially in boxing and football.

Traumatic brain injuries can vary in severity between minor, moderate or severe. The most common symptoms of minor traumatic brain injury include dizziness, headaches, nausea and fatigue. With regards to moderate to severe traumatic brain injury symptoms can be severe forms of the mild symptoms but may include dilated pupils, loss of coordination, confusion, slurred speech, etc.

It must be noted that complications can occur immediately or shortly after experiencing a head injury. The more severe the injury the more likely it is that you will experience complications. Some associated physical complications include seizures, fluid build-up in the brain, infections, damage to blood vessels and vertigo.

Because traumatic brain injury has to do with the brain itself cognitive abilities can be compromised when an injury results. Such cognitive abilities as memory, learning, reasoning, judgement and the ability to concentrate can be affected if you experience traumatic brain injury. In addition, executive functions such as problem-solving and planning can also be negatively affected. Other complications can include social problems such as being unable to notice nonverbal cues, behavioral changes such as a lack of self-control and emotional changes such as being depressed or angry. All this can result from a bump on the head.

If you have suffered a head injury what you should do immediately afterwards is seek emergency medical care. Because the symptoms of traumatic brain injury can seem mild it is easy to overlook them. However, the ability to perceive can also be affected by traumatic brain injury. Therefore someone suffering from traumatic brain injury symptoms may not be aware of the severity of their situation.

An employee who has suffered traumatic brain injury can get worker’s compensation benefits to cover medical expenses due to the accident. In order to receive such benefits it is important to speak to experienced worker’s compensation lawyers as soon as possible. This enables you to have a better chance of receiving benefits that you are entitled to.

At times traumatic brain injury is a result of a car accident. If this is your situation, contact car accident attorneys immediately for legal advice and representation.

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Nancy Ahuja is currently working as a counselor.