Everyone who sets out on an exercise program has a specific goal in mind, but in general it has to do with improving their physiology. Naturally, along with the increase in health, vigor and performance, it does not hurt if in the process the body image improves substantially. For beginners or those who exercise regularly regular using super sets exercise routines can really make a difference.

One of the first things that motivate an individual to begin the arduous process of getting into shape is simple and predictable. The energy expended is considered worth it to develop the muscle definition, tone and strength that produce the bulges and curves in the right places that might attract the opposite sex. Once the mind has made the decision to pursue this course of action, the means to get the body to follow is the next target.

The holy grail of the fitness dollar chasing business is to find the easy, chemical way to allow people to attain perfect health without effort. Getting a dreamy lean toned physique expending no more energy than taking a pill would make the inventor the richest person on earth. The classic commercial pointed out accurately that if a great body came in a bottle, everyone would have one, even if it were expensive.

Unfortunately, the reality of how muscles work and the process of muscle growth is well-known, fairly consistent and not easily circumvented. Almost everyone has heard the axiom no pain, no gain. The interesting thing is that there is much truth in that pithy phrase.

The only way to increase the size of a muscle is to work it harder than it is prepared to work. In its simplest form it works quite logically. When the muscle is worked, as in lifting a weight, the fibers produce the energy needed to lift it, and as long as the weight is below the fiber bundle capability, nothing happens. If it is larger than the fibers can easily manage, then they will sustain tiny tears.

Damaged fibers initiate a response in the body, as the building blocks for muscle tissue are rushed to the site to accomplish repairs. The repair adds fiber to the muscle to repair it, and to prepare it for further stress, so it is enlarged. This is the fundamental and only process that produces muscle growth.

One of the newest means of effective muscle growth involves using offsetting exercises that allow one group to be under stress, then rest while a completely different set is worked. Using an isolation movement like the bench press, followed by the compound movement of barbell lifts. The arms continue to be worked, but not overworked, so there is greater overall physiological impact.

So for anyone, whether the novice or the long time bodybuilder, muscle growth requires stressing muscles beyond their capability. For those who are interested in getting in shape rapidly, or want to get results beyond their current regimen, super sets exercise routines provide a pathway to success. Allowing muscle groups to alternately work and rest means continued development is possible without damage. For more Information please go to: http://www.fitnesskeys4u.com You will receive a free healthy food list.

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