One of the many advantages of working from home is the potential savings you can experience when it comes to saving time. I have 35 plus years in the business of working with people on how to make the best use of this precious non-renewable resource; time. This article is not about time, it’s more about pointing out the risk that starting a work-from-home business or opportunity does have the potential to be a real time waster. Here are some points that I feel you should be aware of.

The Internet, more precisely the Internet and our computers, can be the worst time wasters we have. As incredibly wonderful as they both are, the lure of the Internet and the ease in which we can access it through our computers can be almost hypnotic. I think we all have experienced the following scenario; we are looking for a specific piece of information on the Internet and we then start link hopping, one link leads to another, and then another and we find out that in a flash, 2 hours have passed and we still do not have the single piece of information we were looking for 2 hours ago.

Never in the history of mankind has so much information been available to us, at our fingertips and laid out in such a simple and accessible fashion. As I said, it’s hypnotic. In order to be successful at whatever work-at-home opportunity you decide on, staying the course and staying focused is the key. Here are a few pointers on maintaining control of your time and not getting side tracked.

· Keep Work And Surfing Clearly Separated. If you want to perform a specific work related function, do not allow yourself to be sidetracked by other related but separate issues on the computer or Internet. Get what you want and need to get done, and then move on.

· Have A Plan, Work Your Plan. Make a list of what you need to get done, and work your way down your list. The time to investigate and look at other ideas and topics is not during time you have set aside to accomplish specific tasks.

· There Is A Time For Work To Be Accomplished, Things And Tasks To Be Completed. There is also a time when surfing the net can be productive. The problem arises when you sit down to work and you end up just surfing around, being pulled from one link or site to another.

The opportunities out there to earn some extra cash are endless, work from home, work at home, start a part time business from home, get an opportunity that you can actually be an employee of a company, but do the work from home, buy a franchise, buying an existing web site, start your own web site, on and on. Along with this array of choices comes the opportunity to get side tracked, lose focus and end up wasting valuable time pursuing your dream.

One last point. There is work, there is work-related activity and there is everything else. The secret of successful people is that they spend the time required to get the work done, and then spend the required time on work related activities, and then, with what is left over, spend it on the rest. Staying focused is the key to getting the work done and not letting work related activities, important as they are, interfere with getting the actual work done.

This article was meant as short reminder that, along with the potential, there can be some potential pit falls. Be sure that your computer and the Internet work for you, and give you the tools and results that you want. Make sure they benefit you. They are incredibly powerful allies in your quest to improve and enrich your life financially, make sure you use them to the fullest.

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