When it comes to discussing your career, whether it's a job change, promotion, guidance, or business information, you want to speak to someone you can trust. Someone you can rely on to provide you with useful, truthful, and trustworthy knowledge, as well as insight and guidance so that you can make the best career decisions possible.

As a career consultant, we have the wonderful opportunity to work with a diverse group of people every day, and it's a pleasure to share the journey with people who are looking for work, need resume advice, want to know what to expect in an interview, or want to learn how to navigate our new world of virtual interviewing.

Whatever you're looking for, your relationship with a career consultant should be one in which you're respected and given the knowledge you need and want to help you achieve your objectives and move forward in your career. While and relationship is unique, there are a few qualities you can look for in a career consultant.

Someone who comprehends
Someone who comprehends listens, and is considerate of your needs and priorities. This is something that needs to be at the top of the priority list! It's important to have constructive and open conversations about your aspirations and career objectives early on in the process. What do you want to achieve in terms of personal and professional development in the future? This is the only way to ensure that your next step can assist you in achieving those objectives.

Someone who knows or has worked in the industry

Someone who is well-versed in the business understands what clients want and is up to date on industry trends is important. As someone who deals with IT experts, we must be aware of the following:

They should be aware of the most recent technologies
The most recent developments in the sector and on the local market
Specific work descriptions, team culture, and growth potential
Tips on writing a resume, interviewing methods, channels, and what to expect from in-person and virtual interviews are all covered.

Someone who is truthful

You want someone you can trust to provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate information possible in the process. If you're looking for resume advice, you're looking for candid reviews. If you have a question about a particular job that you don't know the answer to, you should be told that they don't know but will find out. It's fine to admit when we don't know anything, as long as we follow up with answers once we do!

Someone who can keep track of things

Don't we all love it when somebody does what they say they'll do? Certainly! That is probably the most common topic we hear about. Setting goals from the start and following up when feedback is required is crucial to any successful working partnership!

Someone who can cope with constant change

It's one thing to listen to; it's quite another to follow through. We live in a fast-paced world where goals and circumstances are constantly changing. It's important to have someone listen to your new needs and be flexible with them in the process. Individuals search out many different items depending on where they are on their journey.


It is hoped that when you pursue professional career guidance, you will have the best possible experience. Don't compromise if you don't get the attention you require while dealing with a career specialist. If you haven't worked as a career consultant before, you should look into it. When it comes to taking steps on your career path, career consultants are extremely valuable and helpful, and you should have a positive and informative experience with them.

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