Want to work and get paid from the comfort of your home?

If yes, then this article is for you.

Working from home is a legitimate and lucrative source of income. And it’s on an upward trend as opposed to full-time employment that is facing a sharp drop – especially with the outbreak of Covid-19.

However, remote work is not just a walk in the park. It calls for an entrepreneurial mindset. Remember, you’re your boss, starting from planning to implementation and evaluation. Sounds challenging and interesting. Right?

Now, for you to succeed and to thrive in your freelance business, you must have some tips to get started and to keep you going.

Set a Designated Working Space at Home

You can’t work anywhere within your home or house. Instead, it would be best if you have a designated place where you can set up an office.

If it’s within your house, then it should be free from distractions either by family members or noise. For example, you can designate one room solely for office work.

And so you’ve identified the right place. So what next?

2 Set Up Your Working Office

Here, bear in mind that you’re setting up a longterm working office. Second, as a freelancer, there are tools you require to run your online business.

I know it would be challenging to equip your office fully at the onset of the business. But there are basic tools that you shouldn’t miss in your office.

So, on a bare minimum, your office should have:

A comfortable office chair

Working table

A desktop computer or laptop, a smart-phone or a tablet

Source of a reliable and robust network

Cash – to purchase these tools and data bundles.

3 Make a Schedule For Your Work

You’re through setting up your office, and you’re ready to begin working. However, you can’t work at any time you feel like and do anything productive.

Design a schedule of activities and adhere to it to the latter. Besides, share your program of activities with friends and family members so that they know when to interact with you.

Also, remember to include breaks and leisure time in your schedule. It helps you break the boredom of work and reduce fatigue.

4 Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. I know you’re wondering……. How?

Yes, it is.

Once you postpone any activity of the day, you have to reschedule it for another day or time. By doing this, you eat into the time for another activity. And eventually, fail to meet your deadlines.

Therefore to avoid procrastination, you can apply the following tips

Schedule the amount of work you’re able to accomplish on a given day. Don’t strain.

Follow your work schedule strictly

Concentrate and do most of the activities when you’re still energetic

5 Use a Calendar of Events

A calendar of events gives you a road map of the work ahead of you. It informs you of some important dates, like work deadlines and meetings.

An excellent tool to help you in this is the Google calendar. You’re able to slot activities even for the whole year.

6 Exercise Regularly

Working from home can be frustrating- especially when things are not working your way. And in such a situation, you need relief. Regular physical activity offers relief for stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other lifestyle diseases.

7 Control Your Presence On Social Media

I know you may be a subscriber to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Twitter. Are you?

But remember what I said earlier, “You’re your own boss.”

So if you don’t control your presence on social media, then you’re bound to break your schedules and eventually kill your online business.

And how can you control your presence on social media?

In your schedule, please set time for social media activities. Honor this opportunity and use it exhaustively.

Don’t forget that as you work from home, you also need social media. It provides an avenue for networking and a source of writing gigs.

8 Honor Your Break Time

Not even one activity in your schedule is less important, including break time.

When working on your projects, you engage your brain and also physically sit for long hours. And this can be detrimental to your health. So, this is why it’s important to have breaks in between to relax your mind and body.

But these breaks would be meaningless in your schedule if you don’t honor them. At times you may indeed have a lot of tasks to complete and think of working throughout.

However, your break time is equally important as the work you do.

9 Have Time for Leisure

Staying in your office for long hours during the day may be stressful, especially if you’re alone in that office.

And therefore, it’s important to have time to socialize with friends and relatives. Have fun together and share happy moments. It’s also the best time to attend to your hobbies.

10 Set Time for Professional Development

When you want to be a top-notch freelancer, then you’ve to sharpen your writing skills.

Set time for professional development. And during this time, you can read, take online courses or help others who also struggle working from home.

11 Network With Colleagues

You can’t achieve your freelance dream on your own. You need other freelancers to team up and support one another.

Join as many online freelancing groups as possible. You can start with those on Facebook, and WhatsApp.

In Summary

You can thrive in a freelance business. And the tips we’ve outlined here are guiding principles for your success.

The next step is to start implementing these tips. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out for more support from other freelancers in your network.

Finally, don’t restrict yourself to these tips alone, research and read wide for more tips and general knowledge on working from home.

Author's Bio: 

Martin is a serial entrepreneur who started a high-traffic jobboard and a leading community for finance professionals.