Work at home call centers across America are always hunting for superb customer service and phone sales agents. If you can speak on the phone, you have 1 of the skills set to apply for a virtual call center job While not everyone wants to answer the phone for a living, being a virtual call center agent at home is an exciting way to make a consistent income. Some companies will hire you even if you have no previous experience as a call center agent, because they provide full call center management training.

Pay scale: $8-$20/ H

Flexible shifts

Never leave your home

1.Live Ops:

Live Ops is a great company to start if you have never answered the know for a living. Their business model works best for parents and your paycheck is always on time

2.ACD Direct:

ACD Direct is another company that is a great place to start if you have no experience.


Sitel has amazing training for all new employees. You are sure to get a full dose of customer service 101. you can expect to work as W-2 employee.

Online Tutors are in high demand. While some companies only hire certified teachers there are many companies looking for superb individuals to help students with their homework online. Everyone had a subjected that they enjoyed at school. Why not dig into your skills vault and help students with their homework from the comfort of your home. Ok, you had no subjects you enjoyed at school, well, why not help students that need English help. Many companies are looking for native English speakers to help adult students with English.

Pay scale: $12-$45

Flexible Shifts

Never Leave home, use Skype to communicate with students

1. English Everywhere.

2. Online Learning.


Become A Virtual Assistant

Do you have secretarial skills, have you worked as a virtual administrative assistant before? Can you type 45-60 WPM? Are you proficient in office suites? The virtual assistant business is experiencing exponential growth. As more and more people start their own business they realize that they cannot do all the daily tasks it take to run a business. Therefore, the next brightest idea is to hire a virtual administrative assistant.

Pay scale: $15-$35/ H


1. Etelecare:

2. Corporate Concierge unlimited.

3. Speak Write.

Writing Careers

Do you have a passion for the written word? Well maybe writing from home is just the right job for you. Many companies are on the look out for persuasive writers. As a writer you can work independently or you can work for a company. When writing for a living your choices are endless. You can employ your writing skills towards web content, blogs, educational writing and web articles.

Pay Scale:

$1-$5 per article.

$650 for monthly articles contract

$12-$45/ H

1099 Independent contractor. Set your own fees and schedule.
W-2 Employee



3. Copy Desk

4. Elance

Free Mystery Shopping Jobs

Get paid to shop. Get paid to eat at restaurants and sleep at fancy hotels. While this industry has been in existence for eons, many still are wondering about the "HYPE". Yes, you can get paid to shop, not shop for you own groceries, however, conduct a shopping assignment that gives feed back to companies where customer service and product quality are concerned. The more experience you have as a shopper the better the assignments. When you first start your career as a shopper you can expect to conduct small assignments like, cell phone shops, fast food outlets and clothing retailers. However with more experience your shopping assignments can include "The four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas hospitality, Chanel , Gucci, Barney's of New York." These stores pay big bucks for your opinion.

Pay Scale:

Entry level-- $12-$75 per assignment

Experienced shoppers---$125-$3000 per assignment

1099 independent contractor

Get paid twice a month. Varies by company

1. Corporate Research international.

2. Bare International.

3. Market Force

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