When you are experiencing pain or a decline in performance unique to a work-related injury, it makes sense to seek a highly trained professional – someone who can help you return to work using cutting-edge techniques that are supported by the latest in science. Advanced Work Rehab Center is where you’ll find that professional. You’ll be treated with the same advanced techniques that we use to treat world-class athletes. Your physical therapist will design a treatment program to improve your function, maximize your abilities and speed your recovery.

At Advanced Work Rehab Center, our program is designed to maintain the health, wellness and safety of the workforce through evaluation and reconditioning of injured workers. Our structured and goal-oriented programs designed to help you identify work capacities, regain functional skills, and return to work after an injury. A leader in rehabilitative care, Advanced Work Rehab Center provides evaluations to identify and reduce the risks of new and repeat injuries in the workplace.


How do you know if you’re ready to go back to work?

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): Our specially trained therapists will perform a comprehensive assessment of patient’s current abilities to perform work tasks, such as sitting, standing, walking, grip, carry, push, pull, lift and utilize tools and/or computers. This helps to identify whether he/she is ready to safely return and also provides a detailed summary of the client’s physical abilities as it pertains to the work environment.

What if I’m not ready to go back to work?

After completing the functional capacity evaluation the therapist may recommend a work conditioning or work hardening program.

WORK HARDENING: Advanced Work Rehab Center’s interdisciplinary approach will help you return to work safely. With the help of our therapists, you participate in an intensive program geared towards getting you safely back to work. This includes:

1) An exercise program to regain strength, endurance, range of motion, core stabilization and cardiovascular conditioning.

2) A work simulation program which teaches you ways to work safely and comfortably. This is done by practicing the specific job tasks, which can include tool use, lifting, gross and fine motor activities, ladder climbing. Our state-of-the art work simulator provides a large variety of work simulations to mirror the work environment.
The goals of our program include:

1) Increase physical tolerances for work
2) Regain flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance
3) Learn safe work techniques
4) Assess tools or job modifications for a safe return to work
5) Gain knowledge of your injury and how to manage pain

We work closely with your primary care physician, having direct communication as needed regarding work precautions and your ability to progress towards specific job tasks.

Our Work-related Rehabilitation program includes an evaluation for deficits in job-specific strength and endurance and the development of a specialized program to address deficits, enhance posture awareness and increase your ability to identify issues that could potentially cause new or re-injury. We customize a treatment program to get you back to work as quickly and as safely as possible.

Our goal is to return you safely and timely to work as well as helping you to return to your normal home life.

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The Advanced Work Hardening Clinic is one of the pre-eminent clinics where patients’ care, well-being and safe return to work are our foremost priorities. We develop individualized and goal-oriented programs to promote and expedite workers’ successful return to the job after an injury or illness.