With Covid 19 Lockdown entering into Version 4.0, all companies, organisations, schools, college institutions, entrepreneurial and other working establishments deployed the ‘new normal’ of working from home practices. Most likely, all the tech, customer service, tele-calling employees made personal amendments and easily created their coping mechanisms to make the most of these extended lockdown situations and the new work culture as they have been used to remote working norms. However, if you are dealing with such new norms for the first time, you will need to create your own commandments to deal, overcome and master through the challenges.

Well, as I write these tips for you, I do not say that these situations have been easier to handle at my end but let’s say, I created my own tricks and mechanisms to balance my work and life and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that I have been onto!

1. Organise yourself
The first few weeks of lockdown got us in frenzy and act territorial in figuring out the share of importance, chores, and work schedules. But now that the new normal has set in, it’s time to pick up the shattered pieces and get writing agendas of the day in your diary, notepad or Google calendar. Figure out who manages the house chores on a daily basis between the family members to avoid ego hassles. If your spouse is on WFH too, share the chores and time slots to manage online schooling and house chores responsibilities. Right from who manages the trash bins, clutter management, dishwashing and the dirty laundry to more meaty tasks like grocery shopping and cooking, both the partners can take turns and plan their online calls around them. Organised routines in these chaotic days will reduce unnecessary stress and quarrels that will only add to your turmoil.

2. Adopt to new technology and learn
My first hand experience to lesser hassles in your work day is to have a quick and wholesome understanding on how to use these online tools such as Google Hangout or Meet, Microsoft Team, Webex or any such tools that your organization uses to connect teams together. During such isolated periods of working, it is highly motivating to catch up with some informal chats with your team on Google Duo too! Your IT department and a quick look on self-help videos on YouTube will do the needful. Learn to use technology to avoid feeling isolated as well as to increase your WFH efficiency.
This is the best time to prioritize and invest a couple of minutes of the day in learning and upskilling oneself. Online learning tools are the most safest and conveniently accessible options to ensure seamless learning experiences for you and your family even in these tumultuous and restricted times. Where communication, participatory working and collaboration skills are being put to test, it is worth a try to enroll in online programs and improve your Personality traits.

3. Deadly distractions
While you were at the workplace, social media clicks and scroll and extended pantry chats were strong invaders in your scheduling. All of a sudden, these time killers will amplify your worries and compromise on your professional respect. Where companies are struggling to keep up with human resource costs and resulting pay cuts, your actions should not trigger such challenges that you can’t undo. As much as you wish to avoid home chores and personal commitments during office hours, right scheduling will largely help to balance both the sides. That means, you only watch your favorite web series or wash dishes in scheduled breaks. These time killers may seem harmless at the start but may start encroaching in your work deliverables.

4. Own your Calendar
Working hours need to be respected and any such attempt to pollute the respect and sanctity of that trust will simply put your credibility at risk. In WFH, remote working becomes successful when the employee stays committed to timings, deliverables and work ethics. Being unavailable in office hours will only create notorious judgments and triggers internal conflicts. Even though you are working from home, you are earning a salary at the end of the month for the hard work that you sow over the days.
So, pull up your socks and get yourself charged with the same level of enthusiasm and accountability.

5. The balancing act
Make your routine familiar and just like it was before. Waking up at the same time followed by typical routine activities and the act of Dressing up can make you feel like working for office! Switching off from your office work is more important than switching off the laptop only. Take a deeper pause and disconnect from your professional work. Keep your personal life boundaries intact to avoid any tipping point and fatigue. Plan your meals with your loved ones, as this is a blessing in disguise for them to share that bonding time with you. Allocate Me-time and We-time to help you switch between personal and professional hats. Assign that silent corner for you to catch up on some morning tea and have social interactions. Put an exercise routine to stay off bottling negative energies and utilize calories. While you wish to play the role of an ‘office goer’, do remember to slip into the shoes of a home bird too. This will keep the expectations low and morale high.

These tips will not only help you to keep up the balance but also not cut a sorry face later. Get your balancing act up and rewire your Worklife Equation 2.0 in Lockdown 4.0!

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