Wearing the same monotonous jewellery to the office can be boring at best and irritating at worst. Who says office wear jewellery can’t be statement pieces? To break off from the mundane routine, it's perfectly okay to wear statement jewellery to work. But doing so is not an easy task. Right from selecting your outfit and pairing up the jewellery with it to wearing your hair and even the makeup in an appropriate way is crucial to wearing statement jewellery to work.

Wearing statement jewellery to the office is a smart choice and speaks a lot about your style and attitude, especially when you carry it with elan. At the same time, if worn inappropriately, statement jewellery can be a disaster at the office and may even lead to a lot of embarrassment and may even ruin your day.

So, here we present 9 commandments that you should stick to while wearing statement workwear jewellery. Take the guide:

1. Simplicity Is The Key

Simplicity is the key to make the statement jewellery work. Bringing all the attention to your jewellery is why you’re going for statement jewellery in the first place. Wearing lots of prints and vibrant colored garments and topping it with statement pieces is a big No.

Choose cooler shades for your apparels, preferably lighter or pastel ones. Give your statement pieces space and the platform to stand out and speak up! Simple garments in light shades along with one and even two statement pieces can work like magic, and we bet, you’d have the fun of your life!

So, remember to keep not just your outfit but also your hairdo and makeup as simple as you can.

2. Bangles Are Beautiful

Many fashion aficionados may swear that bangles are not in their list of workwear jewellery but let us tell you - bangles are beautiful. You just have to follow the ‘Six Is Enough’ rule, and you’re good to go. Plastic bangles with shimmer inside them are great to wear to the office and go well with most types of outfits. Wooden bangles are yet another great choice and would definitely help you break the monotony.

You can even wear glass bangles to the office but here's the trick - pair them with wooden, ivory or plastic bangles. You want to draw people’s attention with your statement bangles and not their looks. Hence, wearing a wooden bangle between two glass bangles is a great way to make a statement without making a noise!

3. Balance It. And Then Balance Some More
Proportion plays an important role. If you want to wear just a single statement piece to the office, then it is absolutely fine to go with anything. Whether it is a statement neckpiece, statement earrings, or statement rings/bangles, anything would do. As long as your outfit is simple and your hairdo as well as the makeup is minimal, you’re good to go.

But if you are deciding to wear two or even three statement pieces, then things have to be balanced out perfectly in order to avoid clashes and chaos. So wear one statement piece on or above your neckline and then, one on your hand. If you're going for three statement pieces, then wear one on each hand along with a neckpiece or earrings.

4. Let Your Jewellery Profess

Keep everything about jewellery. Let your office wear jewellery speak for you. Let them profess your style. Wearing too much makeup or an elaborate hairdo is not a good idea. Also, keep in mind to wear a decent pair of shoes as well as a decent handbag.

5. Geometric Shapes Are Chic
The best way to accentuate your features at the office is to wear statement pieces that are made of geometric shapes. Circles, triangles, trapeziums and even irregular shapes look absolutely chic and give you the much-needed confidence. These beauties are more than enough in and of themselves and will make you look gorgeous, no matter what.

6. Less Is Classy

Wearing a lot of jewellery is never a good idea. The maximum number of statement pieces should be either two or three. If you’re going for three, then make sure to balance them out properly, as mentioned above.

Similarly, if your work wear jewellery is a statement neckpiece, then make sure you wear simple matching studs with it and not huge earrings.

7. The Neckline Is Important For A Statement Necklace
Imagine wearing a statement neckpiece with a largely collared neckline. Definitely a No, agree? The neckline of your outfit plays a very vital role in making or breaking your statement style. If you are wearing a collared shirt, it is best to stick with delicate neckpieces or chain with a locket. Statement neckpieces are best paired with deep necks, V-necks, round necks and necklines, which give you the space to wear the statement piece.

8. Hand Accessories Are Your Bffs
If you’re wearing statement neckpiece or statement earrings, it is best to avoid too much clutter above your bosom. At such times, a beautiful yet bold watch, bracelet, bangles or even a ring can work wonders for you. Hand accessories can be your BFFs, if worn right.

However, if you’re going to attend a meeting where you have something to present in front of everyone, then it is best to leave hand accessories alone and stick to statement neckpiece.

9. Earrings Speak Volumes

Nothing perks up your features as much as statement earrings! Hoops, Huggies, and even oxidized silver earrings can do the trick. You can get lots of beautiful statement worthy earrings on any online jewellery store. However, it is always better to wear earrings to the office that don't exceed the length of your neck. Hoops would be your best bet!

With the aforementioned guide, make sure you sport your office wear jewellery that not only display a neat blend of elegant aesthetics but also lend a classy appeal to your whole personality. How do you like to wear statement pieces to work?

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