Good manners are essential in building good relationships. You might have observed that people with pleasing demeanour are popular and they have edge over others. In this article, I will highlight a few examples of our day to day work-life behaviour and illustrate how that affect us and the ones around us.

The first hour at work is very critical. It is important to appear fresh and energetic as you walk into work rather than appearing lethargic and inactive. People feel refresh refreshed when they see colleagues look enthusiastic and cheerful in the morning. Your morning appearance defines the manner in which you will spend the rest of your day.

Despite the luxury of flexible timing, one must consider an appropriate time to enter the office. As you accept the responsibility to finish an assigned as per the deadline, you must remember that people do not work in isolation and that there are others who rely on your on various kinds of support. Your late arrival at work can be a source of frustration to others. That apart, you could lose popularity among teammates and others who are associated with your work.
But considering today’s jobs have become demanding and dynamic, teamwork has become the buzzword. Salaries, been so attractive. Even as the corporate world is extremely demanding in terms of working hours, it is at the same time rewarding as well.
Remember, a rule is supposed to hold good for all, therefore if you are seen coming late regularly over a period of time, people begin to feel that growing needs of the team and lose faith in you.

Avoid making or receiving personal calls at work. It not only diverts your focus from the job but also takes lots of time to get back to work in full swing. Some people also excessively addicted to SMS, some keep their hands-free on to talk calls from their workstations and carry on working while they whisper through the conversation, without caring for the fact that a regular habit like this will prompt people to brand them with the wrong tag.
I suggest that you have a regular time for personal calls. In case, you need to take personal calls at any other time, then excuse yourself and good to a place where you do not disturb others. This habit will automatically discourage your workstation.

Always make sure that you allow the other person to settle down before you start the meeting. Make it a habit to allow people to relax, offer them some water and give them time to open their diary or get a pen to make notes during the meeting. In case there plain to use their laptop, then give them to boot the system and open the relevant file before beginning the meeting. Check if they need power backup and if yes, quickly show them the power socket. Break the eyes with some small talk and then ask the question -- Should we start? If yes, then get underway.
Some people may argue that this might take a long time to start the meeting but you will be surprised to know that the entire process takes less than two to three minutes. According to me, it is a worthy investment of time.

Some people are super busy; others appear busy because they do not plan their time well. They take up too many back to back meetings without planning buffers. Invariably, they run from one meeting to another without achieving anything at all. Most meetings end abruptly without achieving the desired results.
Some people have a very bad habit of getting into a meeting and then talking calls, constantly checking e-mails and responding to SMS. Such are the most annoying bunch you will see in the corporate world. They take a very long time to close the meeting and waste the other person’s time. Once in a way, there can be an exception to this behaviour, but a habit of this kind will make you unpopular in a very short span of time.

Remember to summarize and reiterate the next step before you end the meeting. Ensure that you allow the other person to close his book or laptop, pack his bag and stand up. This one minute’s patience from your side will create the last impression of the meeting.
In conclusion, be reminded that cultivating correct mannerisms and using them constantly can help one tackle various work and social occasions with confidence. Our skills in the area of courtesy politeness and etiquette can never go wasted

Author's Bio: 

Rahul Kapoor (February 18,1976) is an Indian inspirational speaker, mentor, author and entrepreneur. Kapoor is known for his talks and seminars on peak performance, teamwork and relationships. He has authored self-helps books, which includes Work Wise – Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals and Dad & I – Inspiring Stories for Teens. Through his seminars Kapoor has impacted over 3,00,000 people across 15 countries. Kapoor is the founder of several companies and charitable trusts. Junior Chambers International awarded him with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010. He is also a youth icon and partners with organizations worldwide in inspiring youth to lead a powerful value based life.