Dear friend, with the amount of changes that are taking place in our personal lives, on a national and global scale, I thought today I’ll share with you some of my favorite inspirational quotes. I trust that they will inspire you as you read and internalize them.

We have to know when to turn the page.
Life is a series of stories, and the way our stories intersect is remarkable.
Sometimes people are in our lives for the whole story.
Sometimes they are just there for a short time.
Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.
Sometimes you have to close the book.

Take responsibility
Don’t blame anyone or anything for your situation or problems.
Where you are is a result of the choices you made.
Accept responsibility for your life and know that it is you and you alone will get you where you want to go.
Self-blame or shame or being defensive is not necessary.
We shape our lives when we take ownership and full responsibility.
We are responsible for who we become.

Live with intention
Don’t waste your life it is the only one you have.
Don’t just drift through life aimlessly.
Live intentionally and with passion.
To be successful you must be intentional.
Your life is made up of choices. So take a step back and consider the flow of the river, determine where it is headed, and if it is taking you in the direction you want to go.
Decide to live your life with purpose.

What comes first?
What is important to you?
Know that some things are not as important as they may appear.
Ask yourself if what you are doing now will bring you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
Don’t put “B” or “C” before “A”. Say no to things which don’t bring you happiness.
Decide what your priorities are and focus on them.
You can do anything but not everything.
Put first things first.

Set your own agenda
Draft your own plans. Create your own agenda.
Don’t let the demands of others take the place of your goals.
Do what is most important to you. Know what you want then go after it.
Don’t let anyone tell you what is right for you.
If you don’t step forward you are always going to be in the same place.
Don’t see yourself as a victim waiting to be rescued.
Don’t let your life be an unlit candle.

Are You Going With The Flow Of The River?
Don’t force it.
The river flows at its own pace.
We cannot control it, so don’t push it.
We will be where we have to be and have what we need to have at the correct time and place.
The river knows where the bends and rocks are.
If we allow it to direct us we will sway with the bends and avoid the rocks.
Life flows like the river. Don’t worry about the rocks or the falls or the bends.
The river doesn’t stop because of them.
It makes a new path when it meets an obstacle.

Don’t put your life on hold
Don’t practice living. Live.
Live life by being who you are.
Don’t let anyone or anything lead you off course.
Live the life you want to live now. Don’t put your life on hold to watch someone else live their dream.
There are many chapters in your life make sure you write each and every one of them.
Don’t let anyone else hold the pen.
Never give up on you.

Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.
With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

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