WORDS HAVE POWER. What you think, and what you speak, IS what you will create PERIOD! Are you conscious of what you are thinking and speaking? Considering we live in the 21st Century in a 5th dimensional energy, which is what you think, & what you speak, IS what you will create, How is that working for you?

Do you notice that things you have been talking about are happening quickly? Have you said some things that have manifested in a short period of time and you wish you would of been more careful with your words? If you have noticed any of this it is REAL, and no you are NOT crazy. I feel, that as the energies become stronger and stronger and we are rooted in this new energy completely there will be no way that people will be able to miss the connection of what you think and speak is what you create.

Through our experiences we have a choice. To listen to what those experiences are showing us, or to deny what they are showing us, to become aligned with the Universe and whatever you choose to call your higher power and change, or do nothing. I feel we have been doing nothing for a very long time and because of that, there is no way that we can continue to ignore what is happening.

I have noticed for myself especially, being in this energy is that I will speak something, and it may not manifest that same day but within a short amount of time it has come to pass. I also feel that that time will become shorter as well to the point of Instant Manifestation. Angels, we have heard of the days to come, and God's presence being KNOWN on earth, and the surpassing greatness of God, well I feel that time is NOW!

The surpassing goodness in your life, I feel, will come from what you speak, how you speak it, what energy is attached to what you say, and how much you TRUST. Everyday more and more I AM seeing the connection between my thinking, and speaking, and what is manifesting. Which is helping me to remain ever conscious of what comes out of my mouth!

WORDS HAVE POWER......Are you consciously aware of what it is that you are thinking, and speaking? Whet er it be casual talk or an important conversation, are you conscious of the power that your words have? This is the time to BE conscious. Notice I said BE. You cannot DO consciousness. You can only BE it, and BEING IT comes through in the form of what you think, and what you speak, you will create, which is why manipulation will be no more! TRUTH IS TRUTH IS TRUTH!

ANGELS YOU are a Creation Maker. It really is true that your.......WORDS HAVE POWER!


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STARTING OVER I feel is the key to life! I Especially in this 21st Century. I feel that we have entered into the age of information. Not only data and facts, also in-for-mation with our Higher Selves and I AM here to help people return back to themselves.

I AM an Experienced Life/Soul Coach Healer and my speciality is LOVE. It is LOVE that creates a safe space. It is LOVE that heals, that listens, that soothes. I AM LOVE and I AM here to help others Awaken to that LOVE that is within themselves as well!

I feel we can help each other help others as we move deeper and deeper into this Information Age. Check out my Expert page and let me know how I can help YOU help YOURSELF!