In Present time blogging and Web 2.0 have became an integral part of web industry. With the increasing popularity of blogging several Content management systems are in limelight like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wiki etc. Blogging is a superb way for building community of people sharing similar interest.

By using CMS like WordPress and Joomla anyone can start a personal or professional blog (photoblog, reviews, videoblog & portfolios) as these platforms not only provides you the facility of just blogging but also extensibility.

In this article we will try to explore why WordPress is still a better platform than Joomla and what are the various benefits WordPress provides over Joomla:
WordPress is Easy to Install :

WordPress and Joomla are quite renowned open source CMS platform and are available for free. But WordPress is quite easy to install than Joomla as you can set up a free blog on by going through only 3 steps of installation. Whereas, Joomla is little more complex than WordPress and it takes almost 7 steps to install Joomla to start blog or website.

WordPress is Easy to use:

WordPress is known for having a user friendly interface and with the launch of WordPress 3.5, it lived up to its image. WordPress has a very simple to use interface, this platform is so easy to use that even a naive blogger with no knowledge of technical jargons can start their own WordPress blog. Joomla is a superb platform to use but only technical junkies know how to use this platform efficiently and it requires a lot of technical knowledge to start a website on Joomla.


If you want to extend the capability of your website WordPress is a great platform to start with. WordPress libraray consists of several plugins and themes to choose from. Joomla also provides three levels of customization- plugins (trigger events), modules (page rendering) and components (new functionality). Though both the platforms have plethora of options to customize blog and websites, WordPress provides easy installation and customization which gave it lead among all the other CMS.

Search Engine Optimization:

WordPress is really a superb platform for SEO purpose. Even if the URL is not search engine friendly WordPress pass only one variable from each page which makes them more search engine friendly. Whereas, Joomla passes atleast 4 variables from the URL for a page to be displayed. The URLs of WordPress can be easily retained therefore making them for user friendly.

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