WordPress is a vast platform for web development and blogging, this extensive community is always being surrounded by several myths and misconception. As WordPress is the leading content management system several new and amateur developers use this platform for developing website. Many myths are circulated from such amateur developers and competitors of WordPress to deter its image leading to various wrong notions. It is quite important that developers know the difference between facts and myths surrounding WordPress to ensure a safe and secure website development, so better stay aware of various delusions about WordPress and check out these myths regarding WordPress security:
Why My Website or Blog will be attacked?

Many webmaster and bloggers have this misconception that their blog has nothing to steal so why anybody would try to hack it? But they forget that hackers not only look for valuable information from the websites but also for the resources. Many time the hacking attempts are made through automated programs and these programs mostly hack websites for resources.
Themes and plugins from wordpress.org are safe to use

Wordpress.org team spends great amount of time in reviewing and fixing errors in their themes and plugins. But no matter how much efforts one can put, they still cannot assure a total safe environment. Still WordPress team is very efficient in tracking such bugs and errors and once they discover these bugs they actively fix the problem. To ensure that the plugin you are going to download is safe check its log first to know that developer is regularly updating it or not.
Blaming WordPress for your website intrusion

Many times users of WordPress when experience any security issue or threat tend to blame WordPress for security lags and often think that WordPress core is not safe and secure. We are happy to tell you that such beliefs are totally wrong as WordPress is a very secure platform. Even when any such security problems arises the WordPress team of developers are quite responsive in fixing the problems. Many times the security problem arises due to the lack of knowledge of user itself like downloading outdated theme and plugin, using untrusted themes etc.
Plugins will guarantee 100% security of my site

Plugins are quite important to safeguard your Wordpress website but if you think that downloading safety plugins guarantees 100% security of website is totally false. To ensure security of your WordPress website use variety of safety measures and tools like using off-site monitoring tool, strong password, a secure FTP program and ensuring safety of your computers from malware and viruses.

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