Wood is the best element for both indoor and outdoor furniture. With appropriate treatment, garden furniture made of wood is durable, as long as it is hardwood and not softwood. Chairs, tables, benches, and sun loungers made of them are not only of high quality but blend in optically with the garden picture.

Wooden furniture is made of natural materials that exude a rustic coziness. They are available in different designs, rustic as well as filigree forms. Ideally, you are an eye-catcher and offer a high sitting and lying comfort. Preferred materials for her are teak and oak. If these woods keep their original look, then it requires some care.

Outdoor furniture Houston made of teak and its high weather resistance. Teak is one of the most valuable woods from which outdoor furniture is made. It comes mainly from the mixed forests of India, Myanmar, and Thailand and is characterized by a high density and a long life. In terms of its density and strength, its properties are comparable to those of oak.

The wood, rich in oil and resin, protects the fibers from dehydration and makes them supple, unbreakable, and promotes self-care qualities. The substances contained in teak make it particularly resistant to intense sunlight, rain, frost, and snow and also to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Especially the intensive UV radiation attacks teak wood furniture less than with other woods is the case. Some even say that the opposite is the case: only when teak furniture has been in the sun for some time, they unfold their full beauty and develop their typical vibrant, golden brown color. Unlike other types of wood, teak wood is protected against worm and fungus due to its oil and resin content. Another advantage of teak furniture is that they are acid resistant and flame retardant.

Patio furniture made of oak is dimensionally stable and noble. Oakwood is also a precious wood. It is very robust and resistant to environmental influences. These are essential properties for wooden furniture in the outdoor area, which must withstand weather conditions such as intense sunlight, rain, moisture, moisture, snow, and frost. Besides, they are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

If you want the furniture to use for a long time suitable for the outdoor area, indeed wood is the best option. Though wooden furniture is expensive than the other material, still it is the most popular choice for the people when it comes to patio furniture.


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