There are several holistic ways to treat different ailments. Meditation, yoga and sound therapy are some of the natural forms of healing. Music therapy falls under the category of sound therapy. Since ages music has been a means to sooth the soul but now we know that it can heal our body and mind too. Children love all that is filled with joy and excitement. They can even be made happy by gifting those [johnny cash t shirts]. It is also increasingly used by the professionals even in the wellness centres and in hospitals for speedy recovery. It has no side effects and is health-benefitting too. It lowers the blood pressure, boosts immunity, relieves muscle tension etc. It helps in dealing with depression also. And of late its healing effect is observed on autistic children too.

Music therapy has shown good results when used to teach autistic children. It can help them to express themselves, increase focus and improve their memory. Since music is similar to spoken language so it can be used by an autistic child to communicate.

Music therapy has said to have increased the memory span and learning ability of such children through interaction.

Children can be taught rhymes and songs as a part of music therapy.

By gradually fading music to silence, children can be taught to adjust in non-music settings.

To increase the focus and memory, rhythm patterns can be used.

Mimicking hand gestures to the rhythm of music is one such activity. You can create some simple rhythm patterns by clapping and make the children repeat it. After sometime they will become good at it, then you can make it complex.

Singing circle is also a useful activity. For this, make the children stand in a circle. Take a simple rhyme and sing it. After a few days, children are likely to have memorized the lyrics and will begin to sing it.

Then you can take them to the next level by adding hand movements.

At the end of music therapy session, play a song and slowly turn down the volume as the song approaches to its end. This will be followed by silence. This activity helps the children with autism to become comfortable even in the non-music setting.

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