Bathrooms seem to be the riskiest houseroom for elderly who have lost their strength and mobility and have issues with coordination, balance, vision, and frailty. Using the faucet, shower or bathtub, or the toilet can be difficult and a risky proposition. If you have been thinking about making a toilet modification for elderly, this page will navigate you through this project.
Toilet Modification for Elderly
A list of remodeling options is endless, and you can make significant progress towards building a senior-friendly bathroom in less than 2 hours.
1. Raise the height of the toilet
Raising the height of the toilet can make a significant difference for an aging person. You wouldn’t believe how much of a relief a change as little as three inches can bring. We can say getting the toilet seat height right is probably the most important toilet modification for elderly.
People struggling with obesity or bad knees and hips are most affected when their toilet seat height is not set correctly. Don’t be afraid to go for as high toilet height you can achieve, but make sure not to go overboard. Your goal is to provide a height that makes it easy to use a toilet, not to get to the highest point.
After all, you can do this yourself or to call a professional. If you are a bit tight on a budget, simply raise the height with a new, thicker toilet seat (in most of the cases, this is all seniors need).
2. Toilet grab bar
Even though toilet grab bar falls into a category of the most overlooked modifications, it deserves special attention if you want to improve safety in your bathroom.
The reason why this modification is a bit neglected lays in the fact most people don’t see it as an important safety factor. Those who have experience with building senior-friendly bathrooms know the purpose of the toilet grab bar. Its greatest value is the balance it provides. An elderly person can transition from standing to sitting position with ease.
3. Toilet paper dispenser
Once you change the height of the toilet, it is somehow logical that you should change something about the toilet paper dispenser as well, right? It may become a bit tricky to reach the toilet paper, and you want to prevent any falls or injuries. You can set up a small table near the toilet that is close enough to reach the toilet roll from it.
You don’t have to break the bank to make your bathroom a safer place for your beloved one or for yourself. We all use toilet multiple times a day, which may pose a threat for someone who struggles with balance, is overweighted, or frail. This is why you should consider toilet modification for elderly a priority.

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