Belief is such an important part of the Law of Attraction. Belief begins with believing in yourself. Sometimes it can be hard believing in yourself. There have been those giving you feedback all your life. Some of the feedback has been positive and some not so positive. Not everyone can give good constructive criticism, not to mention those who are just mean and say things to hurt others.

While you may have left your baggage behind, some scars and pains will not fade so easily. Even if you can let the events from your past go, they still can affect the way you are and the way you think. Your self-image is often shaped by the outside world. It is hard to escape because most of us see ourselves through others eyes.

So how do you become Wonder Woman (or Batman, if you like)? Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superhero figures. She fights for justice with no fear or doubt in her abilities. I realized something as I watched Wonder Woman on the cartoon "Justice League." Wonder Woman has no super powers. She was standing shoulder to shoulder with Superman, Green Lantern, and Aqua Man all of which had super human powers, yet Wonder Woman had none.

How can they be considered "super" heroes without any "super" powers? Wonder Woman lived on an island in her youth with her Amazon sisters. She had wondrous gadgets like a lasso that made people tell the truth, but she herself did not possess any magical or super human powers. Even with that, what sets Wonder Woman apart from the average woman?

Wonder Woman was trained to be focused, powerful and fearless in her youth. Because of this, she is able to focus her will on her mission, to balance the scales of justice and peace. She has no doubt she will accomplish it, and she believes in herself. When she glides over the city in her invisible plane and dons her all American outfit, she becomes an unstoppable machine.

Reach inside yourself. Wonder Woman is an enduring character because secretly many of us want to be like her. Focused and fearless. What I am suggesting is that you do have that fearless spirit inside you. It may lay hidden and deep, but it does exist. Any child that has ever borrowed a bathroom towel and run around with it around their neck as if it were a cape knows what I mean.

We each have a power within that guides us and removes obstacles from our lives. You have to be able to look into a mirror and see that you are a superhero and that there is nothing that can get in your way except the person staring back at you.

Even if you have to borrow a towel from the bathroom and run around the house like a child again to regain that feeling of invincibility then so be it. (Just make sure no one sees you and try not to frighten your pets.) You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Do not let the Joker convince you that you are any less of a superhero than you really are.

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