A lot of people want lighter skin. You cannot fault them for that. The wish for a lighter skin tone is a understandable reaction to prevailing opinion that people with whiter skin generally look more attractive. A proof that a lot of people wish for whiter skin is the existence of various kinds of creams, lotions and other whitening products in the market. There are even cosmetic whitening surgeries available to those who can afford the procedure.

The wish for a whiter skin is most prevalent among women than men. Womens – Whitening Cream or lotion products so abound in the market that women oftentimes find it difficult to choose which are best for them.

Choosing the best Womens – Whitening Cream products can be made easier if a woman knows some basic information about skin whitening and how to achieve a lighter skin the natural way. This early in the article, you are best advised to reject whitening products that don’t use natural ingredients because they do more harm to your skin than good.

To cite examples, hydroquinone and alphahydroxy acid are two most common whitening agents used in creams. However, they contain ingredients harmful to the skin. Studies show that hydroquinone render the skin more sensitive to sunlight resulting in sunburn. In worst cases, hydroquinone contributes to skin cancer.

Alphahydroxy acids, on the other hand, are known to cause damages to skin cells, and reddening, blistering and burning of skin. They also cause premature wrinkles because they increase risk of UV rays damage from the sun.

In choosing Womens – Whitening Cream products, be sure to check that they don’t have these two harmful ingredients.

The Best Whitening Ingredient To Look For

The best whitening ingredient to look for in Womens – Whitening Cream products is Extrapone Nutgrass Root. This ingredient is derived from a plant growing that grows in India. For thousands of years, this ingredient has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Extrapone Nutgrass Root in Womens - Whitening Cream products has two uses: as an anti-aging day cream and as an all-purpose skin lightener. This ingredient is responsible for skin care product to achieve overall skin lightening effect and treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Chinese herbal medicines have been using the roots of Extrapone Nutgrass for years because of their nutritional values. When this ingredient was discovered, it was first developed as an anti-irritant for the skin. This ensures that whitening products that use this ingredient don’t cause skin irritation.

Effects Verified As True

The ingredient was tested on subjects with dark spots on their skin. After 30 days of using the Womens – Whitening Cream products with the ingredient, the spots gradually disappeared and a lightening of the affected area was observed. What’s more, the experiment showed no irritation and other side effects on the skin on the subjects.

The whitening results are a proof of the ingredient’s effect when used in Womens – Whitening Cream products. The ingredient doesn’t only work, it also works faster than other products. Other products showed results in 60 to 90 days compared to Extrapone Nutgrass Root that showed positive results within in 30 days only.

This natural ingredient is what makes Xtendlife’s Womens – Whitening Cream better than all the rest. Following is a list of what makes Xtendlife’s Womens – Whitening Cream products the best:

• They can be used as effective anti aging moisturizing day cream with whitening properties
• They have no hydroquinone, steroids or mercury content
• They offer 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on opened products with no restock fee
• They cause no irritation or side effects
• They are moderately priced
• Xtend-Life offers free global shipping on orders over $60

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