Womens' forum. Most of us have a computer and it is amazing how much it can help us. We can use it for entertainment, work and finding out facts. Sometimes it is possible to combine making friends and finding out things, getting support and sharing views as well as enjoying writing all in one. There is a very good new forum for women where you can do this at http://www.girls-magazine.moonfruit.com.

This is designed for females. Men can use it too but the topics that are there tend to be more of interest to ladies or those who are very much into ladies or understanding how they tick.

One portion of the board is specifically designed for those who would like more friends, either people to meet up with face to face and go out and do things with, or romance, or people to simply swap mails or letters with. It is a great idea because in this busy life we all lead it can be hard to find people we can trust and relate to and we are sometimes surrounded by people but nobody we feel we can share our true feelings with. If we meet someone locally we might be shy of telling them things, especially as they know our name and address and might gossip, so we can feel safer if we exchange deep and intense thoughts online with a stranger who is in a way a stranger and in a way the closest person we know. I know several people who use each other as sort of counsellors and swap mails when they want support or a listening ear.

Womens' Forum

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Girls Magazine, an excellent read for women of all ages and types. Great for relaxation, information, making friends and much more http://www.girls-magazine.moonfruit.com.