One great natural skin treatment which has been around for ages is the deep cleansing mask. Its ability to repair skin damage and regenerate skin tissue makes it an all-time favorite among beauty-conscious people. In looking for the best deep cleansing mask for you, always read the label and check the ingredients. The list of ingredients must include most if not all of the ones listed in this article.

Clay Extracts

Certain kinds of clay contain Bentone Gel and kaolin extracts. These ingredients have mild drying properties that absorb excessive oils in the skin. Remember, these excess oils are responsible for the production of pimples and acnes. A Womens – Cleansing Mask product that has these ingredients will be proven effective because they help clear up skin infections because of their antiseptic content. The minerals silica and aluminum oxide can be found in Kaolin, which improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Shea Butter And Macadamia Oil

While clay extracts can dry out a cleansing mask to a hard shell, Shea Butter and macadamia oil prevent this from happening because these two ingredients are natural moisturizers. Any Womens – Cleansing Mask product should contain these two important ingredients, or it will not be able to absorb into the skin. Reducing dryness in your skin is what these two ingredients are best known for.

Shea butter draws dirt and impurities out of the skin while tightening the pores. Shea Butter has a natural moisturizing effect. It is also emollient, which is good for softening the skin and soothing inflammation. Shea butter reduces brown spots on the skin and works well in eliminating stretch marks. The moisturizer property in Shea butter is similar to that which is naturally produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands.

Active Manuka Honey

Your Womens – Deep Cleansing Mask must have manuka honey for it antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is good in stimulating the immune system that eliminates blemishes fast. Its anti-oxidant property slows down the aging process while its antibacterial property diminishes the production of pimples and acnes.

BioActive Keratin

This ingredient is a must in any kind of skincare and anti-aging product. Sadly, it is limited in quantity because it is naturally occurring. A deep cleansing mask that contains this ingredient is sure to be the best in the field. What makes this ingredient so important? BioActive Keratin allows the production of new cells and fibers in the skin, thus improving its firmness and moisture content.


A Womens – Cleansing Mask that contains this ingredient brings a soothing feel to your skin. Most importantly, allantoin reduces inflammation in the pores, which is a major cause of pimples. If pimples are not stopped, they damage the skin’s collagen fibers, eventually resulting to wrinkles and sagging. A natural compound, allantoin can be found in some herbs.

The Product That Has All The Ingredients And More

Xtend-Life’s Womens – Cleansing Mask products contain most if not all the natural ingredients just mentioned. In fact, Xtend-Life’s deep cleansing masks contain ingredients that are not in the list above but are equally important. Cynergy TK is one. This ingredient found in Xtend-Life’s Womens – Cleansing Mask products stimulates the growth of collagen.

If there’s a thing called “liquid skin” which you can apply to your face and body, it is Cynergy TK. This is because this ingredient contains a special kind of protein which is almost identical to the one found in the human skin.

An Important Note When Using Cleansing Masks

The beneficial effects of using deep cleansing masks or any skincare products are not overnight. It takes the skin about three months to absorb all the nutrients it is being fed with. In some cases, the results come more quickly, in others much later. Don’t fret and let nature takes its own gentle but sure course.

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