The skin can stake a claim as the most expensive part of the human body as far as health and beauty care is concerned. Though gentle and delicate, and so thin in many parts, the skin is at the forefront in the body’s fight against germs and bacteria. Aside from that, the skin is responsible for how a person looks in the outside. Is your skin black? Is it aging? Is it smooth? Are the wrinkles slowly creeping in?

It will not come as surprising, then, that there will never be a shortage of beauty products for the skin. And as if the present number of lotions and creams in the market is not enough, more and more of these products are being developed as we speak. With all these body lotions and creams, the skincare industry will always be a lucrative business.
Avoid Getting Impulsive

While men are increasingly becoming aware of the need for them to take care of their skin too, it’s the women who compose the majority of skincare products’ customers. There are more Womens - Body Lotion products than there are lotions and creams for men in the market.
The number of choices for Womens – Body Lotion products can be quite overwhelming to customers, especially because all these products claim to give the user the best results. It is always advised that you do not jump into buying these products if you don’t have an idea what a lotion is made of and how it works on your skin. Spend a little time learning about Womens – Body Lotion ingredients so you will be guided in your choice of product.

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

There is solid evidence now favoring the use of organic ingredients in any kind of beauty enhancing product, including lotion or cream, over those with chemical compositions. When going organic started to be the in thing to do back in the early 90s, Womens – Body Lotion manufacturers scrambled to search for the perfect herbal and natural ingredients to be put into their products. Chemical based products put up a fight but realized their chemical based skin care items were no match to the natural and organic.

After you have decided to go organic, evaluate your skin with the help of a dermatologist. An expert will tell you if you have an oily or dry skin and recommend which type of Womens – Body Lotion is good for you. Ask the dermatologist what type of natural ingredients in a body lotion that is suitable to your skin. Or you can always search the Internet for the best natural ingredients that should be present in a body lotion or cream.

The Natural Ingredients

Xtend Life’s Womens – Body Lotion products contain natural ingredients that have been proven to slow down the aging process in a woman’s skin. The following are the natural compounds found in Xtend Life’s body lotions and creams:

• Cynergy TK™
• Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10
• Phytessence Wakame
• Natural vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol)
• Active New Zealand Manuka Honey
• Olivem 800, Jojoba Oil
• Grapeseed Oil
• D-Panthenol (vitamin B5)

The products also contain vital ingredients for skin revitalization like milk, rose water, lemon juice, sandalwood powder and honey. Xtend Life’s body lotions also contain vitamins as the most important source of protective element.

Check out the labels and choose a lotion that contains Vitamin A in the form of Retin-A (also called Retinol or Renova). Vitamin A ingredients defies the formation of wrinkles and give the skin its smoothening effect when combined with alpha hydroxy.

Also look for lotions that have Vitamin C and Vitamin E content. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from sunburns, while Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that moisturizes the skin.

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