Women who end up with destructive, abusive, toxic men, have tested 88-95% higher in certain traits than other women. It is no accident or bad luck that you landed a guy that creates chaos and harm in your life; it means you have been found by a destructive guy. Before they know it, women get swept off their feet and are quickly caught up in relationships where they are harmed financially, emotionally, mentally, professionally, spiritually, sexually, physically, or some combination thereof. How some women get trapped in these destructive relationships is finally starting to make sense by understanding that they are targeted based on their traits.

The traits that attract destructive men are also the traits that cause women to get tricked into these relationships in the first place, and later, trapped in the cycle of tolerance and returning as the relationship unfolds. The concept of being trapped by traits developed out of the need to understand and recognize what it is that destructive men see in their targets, as well as to help women develop strategies to recover from and avoid destructive men. The undeniable similarities amongst women who end up partnered with destructive men is astounding.

Most women are targeted because they are the most likely women to tolerate, which is one of the traits that stand out to destructive men. Once the man sees this trait in a woman who is unaware of it’s obviousness, he goes for her with practiced and smooth strategies that work. Every woman who has ever fallen prey to one of these destructive guys has misread and misinterpreted the guy and his communication, which is also what he looks for and relies on.

Everyone has traits. You don’t select them and they can’t be changed. They are revealed through the personality and through our interactions; we all function from them by default, unless we can train ourselves not to. Traits dictate the type of relationships you want, and the type you will have. They also determine how you perceive the world, yourself, and other people, how long you stay in a relationship, how fast you give up, what you expect, how you think, and why you stay. If you are drawing the wrong type of person into your life, or if you have abusive and destructive relationships, it is because your traits are functioning automatically, by default, and you are unaware of how they work and how they are being perceived by men who target. That equates to living in the danger zone for many women, as some of us must work our traits carefully, by design and intention, to be free from abusers and harm.

Typically, the women who are targeted by destructive men have traits that work overtime; because their traits are in excess compared to other women, their perception is limited--but only while they are unaware of the excess. These women will consistently misread men, misinterpret connection, remain hopeful for change and improvement where none is possible, and will stay too long in relationships that are destructive and potentially dangerous, all without realizing that their own traits are keeping them just as trapped as the guy is.

This should get women thinking about what these guys see and how they go about targeting and trapping. It should also encourage women to learn about traits and what they create from auto-pilot versus when they are directed; only then will women begin to spot the target-seekers and patterns and be able to repel destructive men away to remain free from harm. If you are a woman who has this excess in traits, you will always be a prime target for destructive men. Beginning to see yourself as a potential target is, ironically, the key to finding successful, desirable relationships.

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Teagin Maddox is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach empowering women to improve their lives after draining and destructive relationships. She reminds women to focus on their strengths and potential, and to see the opportunity in their relational adversities. She gets women to tap into their dormant power, creating remarkable transformations, and unshakable awareness. Her effect comes from what she makes women feel, not from what she reveals to them.

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