Being a women in todays society has it's advantages and disadvantages. Women can be a lot more open about their sexuality then years ago, which is a good thing, so disscusing sexual issues such as STDs is more common and showsus just how bad it has gotten.

In a recent study by the center for disease control a shocking fact was found that showed one in five teen girls were infected with an STD not even including some of the most common sexually transmitted diseaeses such as the herpes simplex virus or HPV the cervical cancer causing disease. Also in a similar study it was cocluded that by the time females are past their sexual prime over 80% will have contracted HPV. With figures so incredibly high it's something that every women that is sexually active should talk to her doctor about and get tested for at least every year. In this article were going to focus on the most common dangerous STD, HPV.

HPV being so incredibly common shouldn't have the social stigma that it seems to portray but unfortunatly it does. When going in for your yearly check up it's one of the main things your doctor is looking for and all women go in for these not so fun tests. HPV has over a hundred strains that cause anything from cancer to genital warts. Fortunatly there are only six strains that have been found to cause cancer and only a few that cause genital warts. And neither cross over meaning if you have an HPV strain that causes warts than it's not a strain that causes cancer although you very well could have multiple strains. As you may have herd there is a new vacine that will stop the contraction of the cancer causing strains but it's only available to younger women and teens leaving a large gap for all women over the age of 28.

Living with HPV isn't as bad as some would make it seem. As long as you go in for your yearly, practice safe sex, although HPV can be caught with condom use, and keep your immune system healthy you'll have few outbreaks to none and stay healthy with little chance of getting advanced cervical cancer. It's important to remember that even if your not showing any symptoms you may still be infected and are still conagious to others and I'm sure that you wouldn't want to spread this disease to anyone else. It's also iportant to remember that men often show mo symptoms at all so be careful if you have new or multiple partners because you are at quite the high risk of contracting this possibly dangeous sexuall transmitted disease.

In conclusion remember to get your anually check up be open with your doctor and partners and always practice safe sex.

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