There are many reasons for infertility. The most common one is infertility caused by a tubal blockage. The fallopian tube is the "bridge of life," connecting the ovary and uterus. Every month, the egg will dress up carefully and go to magpie bridge to wait for her lover, sperm, to complete a grand life adventure. This magpie bridge is a bridge between sperm and egg. If it is blocked, it will naturally affect women's pregnancy, and it is likely to cause women's ectopic pregnancy.

There are many reasons for tubal blockage. In addition to those uncontrollable reasons, others are caused by themselves.

Women with these five Behaviors may have a tubal blockage.

1. Repeated abortion

Chronic salpingitis caused by repeated abortion, unclean abortion, and incomplete abortion is a common cause in young women. Pathogenic bacteria are often bacteria, viruses, and mycoplasma, and the most common is a bacterial infection. Therefore, contraceptive measures should be strictly taken with no family planning.

2. Bad sex life

Menstrual sexual life will cause menstrual blood reflux, and bacteria can spread upward along the mucosa of the reproductive tract, resulting in inflammatory changes of the fallopian tube and then leading to fallopian tube blockage. In severe cases, it can cause acute pelvic inflammation.

Unclean sexual activity pelvic inflammatory disease mainly occurs in sexually active women. Especially those who have first sexual intercourse at a too young age or have multiple sexual partners, have frequent sexual intercourse, and have sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Bad menstrual hygiene

When women's resistance is the weakest during menstruation, they are most vulnerable to external infection. Therefore, they should always change tampons during menstruation, wash underwear frequently, keep private places clean and dry, and avoid swimming, hot springs, sex, etc.

4. Bad eating habits
Many young girls pay very little attention to their diet, especially like to eat some cold and stimulating food. And ignore their situation during menstruation, eat a lot of cold food, wash their face and hair with cold water. These bad living habits can easily cause women's fallopian tube blockage.

Some people think they can eat cold food during menstruation. But everyone's physique is different. It's best to keep warm as much as possible and not try other bad things.

5. Sedentary

Many girls work in the office. They sit for eight hours almost every day. Some times may be longer, which can easily lead to blocked pelvic venous reflux and excessive congestion, resulting in blocked fallopian tubes. Therefore, even if they are busy every day, remember to exercise.

In addition, other factors such as large uterine fibroids or uterine horn fibroids, blocking the opening of fallopian tubes, or malignant lesions will also directly invade the fallopian tubes, resulting in tubal blockage or functional damage.

What if the fallopian tube is blocked?

The fallopian tube is quietly hidden in the pelvic cavity. There is almost no discomfort in chronic inflammation unless severe abdominal pain, fever, and other symptoms in acute fallopian tube inflammation. Relevant treatment is needed when infertile patients have hysterosalpingography in the radiation or imaging center, and the diagnosis is infertility caused by a tubal blockage.

If the blockage is caused by inflammation, you can choose drug treatment, such as the Fuyan Pill. It can dredge the fallopian tubes. It can also clean up toxins and inflammation in the body and improve the chance of natural pregnancy. Wire dredging under hysteroscopy is a choice for patients with severe tubal obstruction and poor drug treatment effects. If the bilateral fallopian tubes are still blocked after the drug or surgical treatment, select IVF for assisted conception.

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