Women Who Want To Get Pregnant: How Long Will It Take To Get Pregnant

Finding home remedies for getting pregnant can be a confusing and daunting task for anyone to undergo. Ultimately, the reasons why women try to find these remedies are because they have gone through multiple rounds of hormone treatments, IVF treatments and have listened to everything their doctors have told them with no results.

Fortunately, home remedies for getting pregnant have been around for centuries, have worked for millions of women, and should be the first path women take in order to get pregnant.

The unfortunate thing is that conventional treatments for infertility actually damage many things associated with successful conception. Even if treatments and pills worked (which they only do 8% of the time), by putting your body through artificial strain you have increased your likelihood for ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, tubal pregnancies, miscarriages, and hormonal imbalances.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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We have been conditioned to look towards conventional medicine as the saving grace for any ills we may face. Whether it's a cold, a flu, depression, anxiety, or even infertility, there is a pill that is boasted as the magic cure. This is so misleading, and so dangerous, as many women put their trust in the hands of this establishment. Most of the time, the side effects and damage done to the body actually limits the amount of children a woman can have.

There are many home remedies for getting pregnant, and many different things a woman can do to increase fertility. Here are only 3:

Watch What Goes in Your Mouth

Foods high in soy contain estrogen mimicking compounds that through both men and women's hormones out of whack. Male infertility has been traced to men having higher levels of estrogen, and when you look at the nutritional contents of the food you are getting the majority of processed foods contain "soy lecithin".

The effects of soy on women is that it leads to ovarian issues, cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer, and a major hormone imbalance.

Watch What Goes on Your Face

Did you know that make up may be a big contributor to your infertility? It's true. Preservatives used in cosmetics can include parabens, benzyl alcohol and tetrasodium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid). Here is a list of ingredients you should watch out for because they lead to hormonal imbalance and disruption, as well as, reproductive disruption in adults, embryos and children: Artificial colors labeled: FD&C, D&C, FDC red 4, FDC red 1, food red 1, coal, BNPD, BPA, BHA, xylene, toluene, and fluoride.

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Watch What You Do

Stress and diet are the main culprits when it comes to infertility. You don't have to have a diet where all you eat are vegetable sticks. But you do have to have a healthy diet. For some women, they can eat whatever they want and still get pregnant. But if you have been experiencing infertility, a lot of the chemicals in preserved foods can be a hindrance.

Try to eat as many fresh foods as possible, get lots of sleep, take vitamins B12, C, Amino Acids, Beta Carotene, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Iron, and Zinc. Although there are "one a day" pills that have most of these ingredients in them, try to get these nutrients from food. Pills don't fully dissolve in the stomach and usually find their way out of the body before the body can benefit from the vitamins.

These are only 3 small things that you can do to increase fertility. I think the most important thing is to find a source where you can find needed information in one place as well as a support system to guide you through the natural changes you can make to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Although we look to modern medicine as the saving grace for all of our ills, infertility is not an illness and most conventional means are not meant to correct issues with infertility.

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When you are trying to conceive and are faced with months and years of trying with no success finding a cure for infertility becomes the most important thing in your life. There is hope and there are safe and natural solutions for infertility so don't start imagining yourself without that family you've always dreamed of having.

Obviously, because everyone has different body types, lifestyles and genetics there are more than only three methods to having a cure for infertility, but these have been proven to be the most successful.


Your lifestyle dictates your level of stress, your mood, your love life, and many other factors that are associated with hormonal issues that prevent pregnancy from occurring. Most women now are on the go and are under extreme amounts of self induced stress. There are very easy things you can do to relax and relieve stress, and if these are done on a daily basis you will start to feel different within only a couple of weeks.

You can take warm baths with aromatherapy scents regularly, wake up a little earlier and sit in a quiet place and feel your body relax, meditation, yoga, exercise, massages, acupuncture and mini vacations to get away from the stresses of your every day life.

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Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating is also another step in battling infertility. The food you eat has been proven to have up to a 50% impact on fertility. Obviously this depends on your body type and genetics as well, but you must watch what you eat. Foods high in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, A, Folic Acid and Zinc are essential for hormonal reparation as well as reproductive issues. Foods to stay away from include caffeine from coffee and sodas, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, high trans-fat foods.

You should start this regiment at least 4-6 weeks before trying to conceive.

A Step-By-Step Guide:

Having a step by step guide will not only keep you accountable for the things you should be doing, but for what you shouldn't be doing as well. Without a guide helping you track your progress you cannot know how well you are doing with your nutritional intake and lifestyle changes.

Finding a guide that has a support base is the most beneficial thing to have because they will be there to answer questions and help with any struggles. If you do not find a guide or program that has help support it will be too daunting of a task, and you will feel like you are walking through the woods blind.

These steps are not the only ones you can take to cure infertility, but they are an excellent start. Keep in mind, that the one mistake you can make to kill months of your time is to do it alone. So find a program that has women who have been there and beaten infertility.

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People sometimes ask me which gender is harder to conceive. Often, the people who are trying for girl babies think that their goal is more difficult because they have to plan well in advance. On the other hand, the people who are trying to conceive boy babies will tell you that they have the harder task because the foods needed to make their body alkaline are more specialized and aren't naturally or already included in most people's diet. I suppose both have valid points, but honestly with the right tools, conceiving either gender isn't particularly difficult. In the following article, I'll tell you the challenges to conceiving a boy or a girl and will also describe how to overcome them.

What's Hard Or Difficult About Getting Pregnant With A Girl Baby: If there are any challenges to conceiving a girl, it's this. When you want a girl baby, you need to conceive early in order to discourage the Y or boy sperm that only lives for a few days. When most people attempt to conceive, they will try to guess or test their ovulation day. Usually a positive result means that ovulation has happened (or at least the hormones that indicate ovulation are now present.) However, by the time you get this positive reading, sexual intercourse would be more appropriate for a boy baby because late timing helps the short lived boy sperm. But when you want a girl, you'll want to have sex a couple of days before you get this traditional positive.

The Way Around These Challenges: Planning so far ahead of time can be a little tricky, but there are many good saliva ovulation predictors that will show that your hormones are rising days before ovulation actually occurs. So while you may need better tools or you may need to plan more carefully, I wouldn't necessarily call this process hard or difficult.

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Challenges To Becoming Pregnant With A Boy Baby: As I just described above, the one advantage you have when you're trying to conceive a boy is that you can conceive after you get those traditional positives that tell you ovulation has already taken place.

Instead of timing though, your challenge in conceiving a boy baby will often be in becoming more alkaline. Why is this important? Because an acidic environment is hostile to those boy producing sperm. And many of the processed meat and dairy based foods in today's modern diet are acidic. So when you want a boy, unless you already have more of a plant based diet, you will likely need to make more dramatic changes to the foods that you eat than you might have if you were trying for a girl.

The Way Around This: As with the saliva protectors that allowed you to get around early planning described above, there are ways to get around the challenges of becoming more alkaline. In addition to your diet, douching can help change your PH and your acidity. So, if you are having trouble with your diet and are not getting the results that you want, know that you can douche in addition to your diet. Douching can often help compensate for not being as compliant as you would like with your foods and meals.

So, to answer the question posed, conceiving boys and girls both pose small challenges, but I wouldn't call either process hard, especially with the right tools. Just remember that there are always three things to consider: timing, PH, and the distance to the cervix. And the way you approach these vary depending on which gender you want.

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When you're planning on having a baby your main hope is that your newborn will be healthy. Some parents really don't care whether they have a boy or a girl. However, some secretly do wish that they will become the proud parents of a new son or a new daughter. There are a lot of tips floating around that suggest methods that will help you in your quest for a girl or boy. If you have your heart set on conceiving a baby girl, you may want to adjust your diet around the time of conception.

Some of the diet suggestions when it comes to conceiving a baby girl are really delicious and nutritious. Most women who are hoping to conceive have already upped their daily intake of calcium rich foods. If you're hoping for a little girl, you may want to add even more milk, cheese and yogurt to your diet. It's been said that calcium can help if you want a daughter.

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Caffeine is a no-no if you have hopes of conceiving a baby girl. This obviously means that you have to trade-in your morning cup of coffee for a mug of the decaffeinated variety. You should also avoid chocolate and colas during the time you might conceive. It's also worth noting that it may be a good habit to permanently adopt especially if you'll be nursing your newborn.

Salt should also be scarce in your menu plans. This means you shouldn't consume any foods loaded with salt and also severely limit the amount of salt you add to your food while cooking or before eating. This can be a hard one to get used to if you're accustomed to salty flavors. However, if you're serious about conceiving a baby girl, it's a very small sacrifice to make.

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