Every rugby player needs a healthy body in order to perform well on the field. One of the ways to achieve a strong physique is to eat the proper diet. While this is true for male and female players, this article focuses on the diet women rugby players have to follow to be successful in the sport.

What to Eat the Most

The foundation of a female rugby player’s diet should be carbohydrates. These promote muscle strength, which is important because of the physical and strenuous nature of the sport. In addition, carbohydrates also supply the body with the energy it needs for rugby games. Vitamins and minerals are also quite important, so a player’s diet must be abundant in fruits and vegetables. These types of food boost the immune system as well as facilitate the body’s repair mechanisms.

What to Eat in Moderation

Protein-rich foods also strengthen the muscles. However, they also build up muscle mass. This makes the body heavier than what is ideal for playing a sport that requires speed and agility. Although it is still an integral part of a female player’s diet, it should be eaten moderately so the body won’t bulk up and be unable to play effectively.

What to Eat the Least

Generally, everything should be eaten in moderation, but the following are the food to pass on as much as possible. Fatty food should be avoided by participants in a women’s rugby league. Fats are hard to burn, and eating too much fatty food can lead to unwanted weight gain. Alcohol must be kept at a minimum because it impairs muscle rehabilitation, which is especially important when a player obtains an injury. Lastly, sweets like chocolates and candies have to be avoided as well.

The Importance of Discipline

Like in most sports, women’s rugby league players have to exercise discipline off the field the same way they do on the field. It is quite easy to eat to the heart’s content. The opposite is true when one has to eat in order to keep the body well-conditioned for a physically demanding activity.

These are the things that female rugby participants have to keep in mind the next time they go shopping for food. The proper diet is not only essential for success in a women’s rugby league. It is important for success in life as well.

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