It's Friday afternoon, you've faced another long week at work. You love your job and your family but the kids are driving you up the wall and it's hubby's night out with the guys. So you order pizza, throw a movie in the DVD player and numb out to Beauty and the Beast. Not the most relaxing way to de-stress.

Ahhh, the curse of the working woman. When was the last time you took some time for yourself? I'm not talking going on weekend camping trips with the family or even a romantic night out with your spouse. Married, single mother, or no kids, when was the last time you took some real time away from your daily demands? I'm not even talking about shopping for shoes with your best friend. I'm talking taking a ‘SOLIDAY’ - a solitude-style vacation!

Now before you think, "Oh, oh. She means go to some retreat, do yoga, and chant," hear me out. This is not an “Eat, Love, Pray” holiday! All I'm saying is it's good to get away on your own for a change, even if it's for half a day, a full day, overnight, or a week. Just make some time and do it! It is so restorative and so needed in today's modern, fast-paced times because as women, we are like the air-traffic controller around whom everyone in our lives revolves. We give, give, give, and we simply need space every so often to just "be".

Okay, so I'm preaching to the choir, but seriously, we all need a break now and then. No matter the state of your pocketbook, there is something you can do to get some quality time for you. Sometimes is necessary to shut the world off and focus on yourself.

Here are some fun and different ideas for taking yourself on Soliday:

1. Be a tourist in your own town: Ever thought of staying overnight in a local hotel and letting yourself be pampered with fine dining, in-room movies and breakfast in bed? Think of all the places you've always wanted to see in your city but never had the time to check them out. Take a few days off (even if you stay home at night) and explore the attractions!

2. Take a hike. Love the outdoors? Why not pack a lunch and take off for the hills? Imagine being in the fresh air and walking in the woods. And if the forest isn't your thing, head out to the water (if you're close to some) and walk round the lake or take a stroll by the sea. Treat yourself to a day's sail with a local charter. Have lunch on deck! The beauty and calmness of nature can be so soothing to the spirit and really help you unwind.

3. Escape to a cottage. Here's a great idea if you have a few extra dollars to splurge on your Soliday. Rent a furnished cottage or cabin, lay in supplies and just hang out. Stay up all night, sleep in as long as you want, take a walk or just sit and read. Luxuriate in all that peace and quiet.

4. Go for a drive. Always wanted to check out that new farmer's market or the cute little seaside town 50 miles away? Turn your favorite music on and go! You don't even have to have a destination in mind, just stop when something catches your interest. Check out the shops, take in a play or ride the Ferris wheel. Do something out-of-the-ordinary, even if it's just stopping to pick some wildflowers by the road. The mental and emotional space will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

You may have noticed me saying in some of my recent articles, the more life speeds up, the more we need to slow down. Our lives, even when they’re fulfilling, can sometimes be chaotic and most of the time, demanding, so it pays to give ourselves the gift of a Soliday in whatever form feels right to us. By honoring ourselves, we will be in a better position to serve those we love and have the energy to keep controlling all that traffic coming at us!

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