In this era of technological evolution, where the tech world is still particularly male-dominated: only 5 % of tech start-ups are owned by women. Despite this fact, women are as innovative as men, and companies run by women are just as successful. In businesses, women are visionary because they set the direction, anticipate the way and navigate towards it. And, they are not afraid of risks, because they are aware that opportunities come from taking risks. And embracing risks helps to overcome the fear of failing.

There is no question that technology continues to transform all industries. As a result, adapting to these advancements becomes important to bring efficiency to the organization. Businesswomen should trust these technological changes in order to take strategic decisions as and when required. It is equally important to stay updated on current innovations and changes in the technologies as they occur.

Today the biggest challenge is not in the corporate career but as a tech entrepreneur. Businesswomen should have the ability to adapt to this challenge and change to keep the business successful. She is self-worth and confident to understand her true power in business. She knows the art of selling and negotiating, and is bold enough to take important decisions in the management. The biggest challenge although remains to feel sufficient in a world that keeps demanding more.

Businesswomen are involving and discussing with industry experts which reflects their curious nature. As it is with constant learning one can achieve success. Moreover, they are ensured that they are providing solutions to the customers according to the needs of the market. The fact is that situation is changing in terms of opportunities for women and this change is good.

Nothing replaces hard-work due to which we see more women in the leadership and entrepreneurship roles today. She does not need to be an expert in regulating technology, but should know how it impacts the business and its need is a key strength. Because to deliver successful results and working for the benefit of the organization is what matters.

Technology is the door of opportunity and businesswomen have started to explore it as a career. Strength and courage even in times of pandemic keeps them focused. Some of these businesswomen are well-versed and moved to crucial roles in the IT industry. While others are quietly driving their success through their intelligence and expanding the future of the IT industry.

In its latest edition, Insights Success comes up with 10 Trailblazing Women in Tech which provides glimpse of careers, backgrounds, and more importantly their wonderful leadership qualities. Thus, we are making noise about these awesome leaders!

In this edition you will read about, Ángela Álvarez, Founder & Executive Chairman at Aglaia Capital, Denise Sangster, President and CEO at Global Touch, Inc, Flavilla Fongang Serial Entrepreneur, Author & the Founder – 3 Colours Rule, Linda Grasso, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Business Innovation Srl and others.

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