One out of every three men will most likely cheat, based on Gary Neuman's book "The Truth About Cheating". Even worse, their partners will most likely never know about it. In writing the book, the writer questioned hundreds of men, both unfaithful and faithful. With his investigation, Gary discovered amazing information.

As a marriage counseling professional, Mr. Neuman says that his work gave him inspiration to write the book. He's been involved with assisting children of divorcees. The author believes that the best help you can provide to these children is to try to prevent divorce in the first place.

The author says that the book is really about empowering women. The book likewise highlights the subject: why do men cheat. Most men that Gary interviewed say that the issue isn't about sex. The problem is often about unmet emotional needs. Day-to-day concerns like work, caring for children as well as other stressful obligations are often confronted by couples. Therefore, becoming emotionally detached becomes really easy. Because of this, couples forget to show appreciation for their spouses.

Males are emotional persons too, Gary points out. Do not be misled by their strong exterior appearance because inside, they're emotionally needy too. Guys have a desire to get appreciation constantly. Guys will look elsewhere if they can't satisfy their emotional needs at home.

The concept that men love to win is a vital concept that women must understand. This idea is exhibited when men watch sports. As long as their sports team is winning, they'll watch. They'll stop watching the moment their team starts to lose. Let's face it, not all men do their part and women will naturally find it hard to show appreciation for these men. But it may help men emotionally if they believe that they really are winning when they do things for their partners.

Another interesting discovery that the author reports is that guys don't necessarily look for another woman who is more physically attractive than their wives. Husbands report that it's usually about the perceived emotional connection. With that said, cheating can't ever be excused. Women, however, can save their union if they exert effort in showing appreciation for their husband even if it's difficult to do. You will be amazed at how even a little bit of appreciation can help you in solving marriage problems. The amazing thing is usually that when we show appreciation, we also get the same thing in return. If we praise our partners for the favors that they do for us, we feed the partnership to make it healthier. Simply showing appreciation for your partner can actually save a partnership.

Making the marriage stronger must be the couple's focus more than anything else. Believing that it is more about preventing a break-up is counterproductive. Again, think about the best way to make your relationship stronger.

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