I bet that got your attention right? Did it annoy you? Did it p*** you off? I hope so because it shows you have an inner compass which hates this type of headline! Problem is there are some people out there who believe this and before you ask, no, I don’t believe it’s true…I think there are a lot of amazing women out there truly raising the bar on how they run their business and how they lead it.

The problem is not enough women are doing it! That’s right, there are some BUT WE NEED MORE! When I talk about raising your game, I am talking about running your business like a business; being focused on the bottom line, being clear about your message and mission and providing the best products and services so your customers keep coming back and want more!

I am talking about engaging your staff (if you have staff) so they are fully committed to the company and I am talking about raising the game on yourself – who you are and how you show up. What worked for you when you started out is not going to help you now. There’s a phrase I love which is “new level, new devil” and Marshall Goldsmith (a well-known executive coach) even wrote a book called “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”.

You see, you began your business with the skills and knowledge you had at that time but as you have progressed, achieved success and made some mistakes along the way, you now know more. It’s time to put that learning into practice to make you even more effective and in turn improve your business.

If you’re not investing in yourself and your development every week and every month, there is something wrong with your operating model. And please don’t tell me you don’t have the time! If I was to tell you that I had a secret weapon that could help you make more money and grow your business, you would want to know what it is and you would magically find time for it? Well, here it is (and it’s no secret!) ….develop yourself!

Know that to get to where you want to go, it’s time to raise your game!

Author's Bio: 

Yasmin Vorajee is passionate about serving women in business to be powerfully and soulfully irresistible in business. She is committed to creating a new paradigm in business where collaboration and service are key...the world needs to change and how we do business needs to change. We can do this...one by one... step by step! Visit: http://www.yasminvorajee.com/