A worldwide epidemic is spreading at breakneck speed! There are fears that billions of individuals are infected with in the next 10 years.

Here are the main symptoms of this viral disease:

1 - The tendency to let themselves be guided by their own intuition rather than by fear, forced ideas and conditioned behavior
2 - total lack of condemning themselves or others
3 - Loss of ability to worry - this is one of the worst symptoms.
4 - A constant feeling of well being when valuing people and things the way they are, which means that one no longer wants to change others.
5 - The desire to change yourself in order to provide for one's own thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical, material life and the environment in a positive way, so that our potential for health, creativity and love is fully developed.
6 - Repeated bouts of smile, a smile, "Thank you" and a feeling of oneness with all living things builds up.
7 - An ever-increasing susceptibility for simplicity, laughter and joy.
8 - An ever-growing sense of gratitude for even the smallest things in life that will not go away anymore.
9 - Find satisfaction in the fact that you look like a human being who brings light and happiness rather than criticism or indifference.
10 - The ability to live alone, in pairs, in family and community on a brisk and equal way to play without victims, perpetrators or saviors want.
11 - A sense of responsibility and happiness that you want to give the world the dreams of a harmonious and peaceful future and a world of abundance.
12 - Total acceptance of their presence on Earth and the will to choose each moment for what is beautiful, good, true and living.

You should also be infected by this virus we unfortunately have to announce that there is no known cure for it. This disease is highly contagious and incurable.

Our advice: Be sure to include resistance and fit!

Be yourself - Only Better.

I wish you success in whatever you love and do!
May this epidemic reach you and all the people in your neighborhood as well. This will be the step that we stop harming our Mother Earth. Please respect her as a living creature and treat her accordingly!

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Success and Business Coach. Attended courses of OneCoach of John Assaraf and marketing Courses of Chris Cardell.
Angela learned a lot about 2012 and how to manage the crisis.
The more we go into fear the deeper the crisis will be!