La Tomatina is the name from the famous tomato fight that occurs each year in Bunol near HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA in Spain. This is one of the best and most fun events to see when you are staying in the region; it happens included in the festival which happens each year on the last Wednesday in August. The festival itself builds throughout the few days prior to the tomato fight with a lot of hanging out in addition to a paella cooking contest the evening before.

The festival begins having a “palo jabon” whereby a pole is greased and a pig is positioned at the very top. The goal is to climb the pole and knock the pig off, therefore signalling the beginning of the tomato festival and fight. The tomato fight usually begins at about 11am, while the pork continues to be pushed off along with a shot is seemed or water cannon began. Crushed tomato plants are then tossed among the throngs of people waiting under the large trucks. The trucks usually begin in the Plaza del Pueblo area. The particular tomato fight usually only lasts around an hour and also the end of the fight is signalled by a single shot into the air or even the water cannons are switched back on, announcing the finish.

Thousands of individuals line the roads to see La Tomatina with thousands of vacationers going to the region or taking escorted outings towards the town of Bunol simply to experience La Tomatina Festival: such has its recognition grown. You will find a lot of people at the time of the festival when you attend; you might not really see the trucks within the centre of the town tossing the tomatoes into the crowd. However, the roads throughout are lined with partygoers and also the atmosphere is lively and electric. Lots of people attending the festival put on goggles and gloves to safeguard themselves as the tomato plants and tomato juice that covers every building and street in the region. It is advised if you are planning for attending take some clean clothes to change into later on.

After the tomato fight is finished, the roads are cleaned clean using fire trucks and hoses and they sparkle after being washed from the acidity of the tomato juice. The party continues into the evening later on because the festival goers congregate in Bunol and Valencia.

La Tomatina is believed to possess came from round the 1950s although there's debate regarding the way the original festival and fight first began. What is clear is that the town council attempted to prohibit it numerous occasions, finally agreeing to the tomato fight in 1959. You will find numerous rules now in position for the utmost safety and protection of the participants. Bottles or any other products that may do harm are not permitted. T-shirts must not be torn. You have to stop once the second shot or water cannon has started. The tomatoes should be crushed prior to being thrown. You have to carefully steer clear of the lorries transporting the tomatoes in order to ensure you do not get run over.

Because the town of Bunol only houses about 9,000 people, there are limited HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA for so many individuals attending the tomato fight. Many vacationers book cheap package holidays to Valencia rather and then travel to Bunol via train, bus or car each morning for the festival. Some tour operators even offer La Tomatina short break vacation packages for the festival with hotels and transfers incorporated plus souvenir t-shirts.

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