I’ve seen it time and time again. My client is no longer letting items fall through the cracks. They have created time in their calendar for focused work without interruptions. Their productivity has skyrocketed. They’ve built a beautiful system for knowing what it is they need to do and when they are going to do it.

But they are still feeling anxious.

Why you ask?

Because they still don’t fully trust that they could build a system that works. That they can handle maintaining it.

They are still waiting for the next crushing blow that renders their new system useless. A blow that they feel proves once again they are hopeless.

It makes sense, of course, because they have many years of evidence of their systems not working or not lasting.

Which is ultimately why my job as a time coach and holistic organizer has much more to do about re-building your trust in yourself than pretty much anything else.

Here are my favorite strategies for helping you trust yourself again:

1. Notice all of the systems that have worked well enough to get you where you are today. This is critical. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have tons of strategies already in place that were serving them beautifully.

2. Give yourself time to practice. That’s all we are really doing everyday with everything – practicing. Over time you will develop more and more confidence that you and your systems can handle what life throws at you.

3. Celebrate the small wins. This is actually scientifically proven to dramatically encourage new habit formation and sustained change. Noticing and celebrating each ‘win’ along the way keeps the momentum going.

4. Recognize that “There is No Failure, Only Feedback” – A quote by Robert Allen that changes your years of “evidence” into years of “feedback” for how you ultimately operate best in your life.

5. Don’t grip too tightly. Your systems – like your life – need to continue to evolve to be effective. Let this happen naturally and organically. Release the need for it to stay exactly as the book, the coach or the TV program says and let your systems conform to your own way of living.

6. Notice all of the times you reached out for support in your life when you needed it. This is you listening to your body, your intuition. This is you taking care of you.

And if you are ready to step into the judgment-free zone of holistic organizing and coaching, let’s chat. You can schedule a call with me here.

Author's Bio: 

Julie Gray, COC is a Holistic Organizing Coach whose passion is teaching entrepreneurs and business leaders a unique approach to aligning their work and life in a way that eliminates overwhelm, frees them to focus on the present moment, and keeps them centered and connected on their journey.

Julie meshed the expertise from her thriving professional organizing career with her entrepreneurial business sense and now runs an organizational coaching firm, helping clients from around the world gain the mindful awareness and deep soul connection they need to develop, organize and achieve a business they love and a lifestyle they enjoy.

Blending her spirit-centered, compassionate approach with very practical organizing systems for their space, time, and energy, Julie’s expertise is in uncovering just the right strategy for her clients and providing a deeper layer of support that will keep the system in place long after she is gone.