Now when you have completed your graduation, it is the time to decide whether you want to pursue a higher degree education or desire to earn. If you are clear about what o choose, it’s well and good, but if not you must take the decision as soon as possible. Most of the people are unclear of choosing an option because of their desire to do both. If you think that you too would like to learn and earn at the same time, it is the distance learning courses that would let you do so. In earlier times, it was not possible to learn and earn simultaneously as the only system of learning that was available was regular. But the distance learning courses have made this thing quite possible for the career aspirants.

Till the graduation level, the students prefer the regular mode of obtaining education, but after they graduate, they are eager to join a firm and start earning to bear the expenses of their own studies. Their desire to share the financial responsibilities of their parents is genuine and hence the distance learning courses have come into existence to offer best academic facilities for further education. The flexibility of time and pace acts as one of the most vital factors that make the simultaneous process of earning and learning convenient for the career-oriented individuals. There are several postgraduate courses that have been introduced by this mode of learning to offer a wide collection of subjects for the career aspirants to choose from.

Graduation provides a student with a generalised knowledge on different aspects of the topics covered within the subject. Having a graduation degree is a valuable qualification, but to gain expertise in a particular subject, opting for suitable post graduate courses is a must. Post-graduation offers a specialised study of a subject and hence makes the students specialists of particular fields of study. With distance learning, the career aspirants of previous era who did not have any other option of studying from distance and had to drop their studies also get a chance to pursue quality education through distance learning courses.

Specialising in any of the fields of whichever stream you like opens up various career doors for you. Once you are a post graduate, you start getting payments based on highly qualified category.Post graduate courses, however, are not only limited to master’s degree, but there are several other options, which you can opt for. Some of the PG programs offered as distance learning courses are as follows:

  • Graduate certificate is a program that gives an individual a chance to pursue his studies and gain an initial post graduate qualification within one year of part time study.
  • To acquire more advanced post graduate qualification, distance learning courses offer graduate diploma programs with two years duration.
  • Master degree offers a valid degree of specialisation to the students in the subject they gain expertise in.
  • Doctoral degree or PHD is another among the advanced post graduate courses, which the brilliant aspirants can consider. The program involves coursework, research work and a written thesis, which ultimately makes an individual will verse with the subject he gains expertise in.
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