Easter day is a day dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ as it’s one of the most sacred festivities of Christians around the world. Easter day is celebrated after two days of Good Friday so, it’s always Sunday on Eater day. There is no exact or specific date for Easter day as it is celebrated on the first Sunday after full moon so, it’s always flexible year after year. Easter day of 2012 falls on 8 April, which is also a Sunday. The whole Christian community comes to celebrate by lightning in front of Churches and distributing chocolates and Easter eggs to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ. Some people light up lamps in every morning and pray with their children on this historic day. Easter day cards are immensely popular among Christians as they spread their happiness and joy among each other by wishing through greeting cards. Presently, the international market is flooded with different types of Easter cards both handmade and e-cards with amazing design in order to make and spread happiness.

Easter day is no doubt an important day in the Christian calendar. On this day they recollect the memories of the Lord Jesus Christ and his sacrifice in order to protect law and order in our society. Therefore, Easter Sunday is celebrated with lots of faith and belief across the world, especially among Christians. The Ester celebration differs from country to country as per their tradition and culture people live with but one thing is common they just love to spread awareness and happiness among people from all over the world. People also celebrate Easter week by doing lots of activities like praying and lightning lamps in churches each and everyday from morning to evening. Since the inception of Easter days, people have been taking this opportunity and sending gifts to celebrate Easter Sunday in each and every year on the month of April. Easter day gifts are widely popular and the day by day it’s catching all the attention from across the globe when it comes to wish someone on this auspicious day.

These days, there are numbers of gifts one can give including chocolates, sweets and Easter eggs are so famous and widely uses as Easter day gifts. Some Christian families also arrange Easter party in order to enjoy and celebrate the good spirit on this day. The Easter Sunday of 2012 falls on 8 April but people across eth world have already started their preparations to make it more special and unique and memorable other than previous years. Easter day is the day to commemorate the fixation of Jesus Christ and his fight against sin and humanity. Among Christians, Easter day holds lots of importance and memories unlike other celebrations like New Year and Christmas. Easter day and week marked as the holy and religious week for them and they do eat, pray and love and spread happiness among all on this day. Christian community celebrates it with lots of pride and esteem as this is the special day in their calendar.

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Spread happiness and joy on easter day with some unique ideas. You must send some attractive easter cards to near and dear ones for happy wishes. Present also unique easter gifts with warmth wishes to a person whom you care much.